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Style: Bass-House, Bassline, Uk Garage
Year: 31/12/2020
HQ: MP3 320kbps
Label: Four40 Records
Cat: FF224
Type: Compilation

Well, when we saw this title land in the store we were as surprised as anyone to see that Four40 Records, one of the most active and exciting UK bass labels across the full breadth of 2020 has just turned 10 years old. This is a pretty outstanding achievement, for a label that is still at the forefront of it's sound to this very day. The compilation of course features some of the biggest releases from across the breadth of Four40's incredible catalogue of content, from the likes of Hybrid Theory, I Killed Kenny, Pavv, Limita and more, condensing ten years of musical progression into one extended tape. We also get to hear a bag of exciting new exclusives from the newer breed of the Four40 roster, including music from The Phat Controlla, Blakk Habit, Lucas Maverick, Gemi, Badger, Patrick Kane, Yozhi, George IV and more. What an incredible way to round off the year!

Х Hybrid Theory Ч Tempering 5:23
Х Blakk Habit Ч Like You 3:17
Х Pavv Ч 3210 5:27
Х Royal Flush Ч Thinkin 4:28
Х Deadly Habitz Ч 90's Vibe 5:08
Х Sensa Ч Energy 3:28
Х Decibel, Flowdan Ч Skanks (Hybrid Theory Remix) 5:28
Х Tuff Culture Ч Cosmos 4:55
Х ENiGMA Dubz Ч Hard To Smile 4:34
Х Kastle Ч Darkside 3:55
Х Royal Flush Ч On & On 5:07
Х Limita Ч Overload 5:36
Х Earthnut Ч Worm 5:47
Х Badger Ч Fiesta 3:29
Х Tuff Culture, Yemi Ч Dont Tell Me 4:26
Х Bk2Bassix, Abi Ч Got This Now 4:32
Х Warren Paul Ч Love The Way 5:31
Х Lucas Maverick Ч Feel It (Lucas Maverick's House Arrest Mix) 5:30
Х Para Ч Poolside 5:24
Х Hybrid Theory Ч Move Slow 4:34
Х Kastle Ч 4 Real 4:01
Х I Killed Kenny, Jamie George Ч Lets Go (Shorterz Bare Bass Mix) 5:38
Х Mkii, Earthnut Ч Roads Pt.3 (Earthnut Remix) 6:55
Х Royal Flush Ч Dubplates 5:35
Х Deadly Habitz Ч Stay True 4:57
Х ENiGMA Dubz Ч Without You By My Side 4:40
Х BLK JCK Ч Everyday 3:21
Х Gemi Ч Sick 3:52
Х The Phat Controlla Ч See U 3:53
Х Pavv Ч Who Dis 5:27
Х On1 Ч Slinky 3:55
Х Tom Shorterz Ч Wot U Do (Shorterz Stop & Drop Mix) 7:13
Х George IV Ч Gettin' Your Love 4:03
Х Yozhi Ч Touch 4:35
Х Pozak Ч Never Too Late 4:01
Х Smokey Bubblin B Ч Be Real 5:07
Х Tom Shorterz Ч Boing 6:27
Х Tuff Culture Ч SuperWoman 5:34
Х Hybrid Theory Ч Teen Cheer 3:32
Х Hi Top Ч Like That (BUMPY's Downtime Mix) 4:59
Х Patrick Kane Ч 4 shots 5:24
Х Yemi Ч Easy Living 5:08
Х TC4 Ч Chopper 3:57
43 / 3:27:50

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