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Download Bailey Ibbs - Gurl EP (DSD023) mp3

Style: Bassline, Uk Garage
Release: 15/1/2021
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Dansu Discs
Cat# DSD023

Review: The Dansu Discs team have assembled a killer selection for our enjoyment here, from the one and only Bailey Ibbs, unleashing six tracks of UKG flavour. We begin with the softened chord maneuvers and crunchy drum processing of 'Gurl', a worthy title track, which is closely followed by the much more breaks-driven influences of 'We Run' and luscious, bubbling soundscapes of 'What's My Chance?', giving us a super-wide sounding selection of originals. On remix duty, we see three parties give 'Gurl' the once over, with Groovy D giving us a throwback 2-step rethink, Denham Audio sending the stems to the junglist chop shop and AK Sports combining gnarly, acidic basslines and hardcore drums to take it somewhere completely different.

Bailey Ibbs - Gurl 4:51
Bailey Ibbs - We Run 6:12
Bailey Ibbs - What's My Chance? 4:40
Bailey Ibbs - Gurl (Groovy D Remix) 4:51
Bailey Ibbs - Gurl (Denham Audio Remix) 6:53
Bailey Ibbs - Gurl (AK Sports Remix) 6:25

Listen Online.

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