Download Forest Drive West - Dualism EP (LIVITY046) mp3

Style: Bass, Dub Techno
Release: 2/4/2021
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Livity Sound Recordings
Cat# LIVITY046

Review: Adding a wild card flavour to Livity Sound ever since appearing on its Dnuos Ytivil sub-label back in 2016, Forest Drive West has used the parent label as his more club-centric vibe. This EP follows his 2018 Aspirations album, and leading with the linear kicks and offbeat hats of "Dualism", Forest Drive West heads its production in the direction of misty techno designed to be heard in the woods - before turning toward a more classic Italian polyrhythmic sound and atmosphere via "Ritual". That saddles up next to some Leo Anibaldi-like basslines in "New Day" with something of a bonus track coming in "Scorpion" which sees FDW hook up with the live and acoustic drums of Australian instrumentalist Lucky Pereira.

Forest Drive West - Dualism 6:46
Forest Drive West - New Day 8:25
Forest Drive West - Ritual 8:13
Forest Drive West, Lucky Pereira - Scorpion 7:04


FDW sets it off on a rolling dub house and deep, percussive techno tip in a sturdy follow-up to his Apparitions album for Livity Sound Weaving his own way thru a rhizome of related rhythmic styles, Forest Drive West cant help but do it with a properly in-the-pocket flex on the Dualism EP. The title may refer to the chimeric nature of the EPs sides or an eternal tension between the bass heft and deft atmospheric thizz of his style, but either way theyre all classically skooled in the manner that's made his productions a cult property over the past half decade. Dualism rides out head high, eyes-down on a stepping techno motion shades away from Substance & Vainqueur, whereas New Day loosens up the hips and opens out with lush choral pads. On the other side, Ritual pares back to pure percussive patter in a subaquatic techno doe, and Scorpion works a delicious groove of slippery, tabla-like drums sure to light up fans of Beatrice Dillon or DJ Plead works.
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