Uberzone - The Digital Mix (LP) 2002

Styles Breakbeat
Release date 09/11/2002
Format mp3
Quality 320kbps
Label Moonshine Music

01. Uberzone - Snizl
02. Koma & Bones - Powercut (Rewired Mix)
03. Simply Jeff & Uberzone - Science
04. S.I. Futures - Eurostar (Tipper Remix)
05. EK - Watch Dis
06. Uberzone - Kung Fu
07. Forme - Kick A Hole
08. Force Mass Motion vs. Dylan Rhymes - Hold Back
09. Uberzone & Rennie Pilgrem - Couscous
10. Uberzone - Trapezoid
11. Uberzone - Moondust (Dark Side Of The Moon Mix)
12. Elite Force - Hi>5
13. Uberzone - The Freaks (Special Mix)
14. The Crystal Method - You Know It's Hard (Koma & Bones Mix)
15. Ils - 6 Space (Next Level)

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Uberzone describes this release as the logical progression to create a mix CD based on new concepts and techniques. The original idea behind this release in 1999 was for 'The Digital Mix' to be a live set but as this was inefficient to travel with the only logical step was to move to DJing, and this was something Uberzone didn’t want to do.

So the idea of 'The Digital Mix' was to be pushed towards releasing a compilation, put together entirely in a digital environment, this give the Uberzone full control of everything that is going on and using plug-ins and structure simulators like Reaktor he has been able to pull off some very impressive sounding mixes.

This CD starts off with some very nice digital sounds, a great electronic bassline and some quality moving noises as Uberzone opens the compilation with his very own Snizl. The Rewired Remix of Koma & Bones' quality track 'Powercut' pushes this CD forward into the 2nd feature production by Uberzone (togehter with Simply Jeff), titled Science.

S.I. Futures continues with Eurostar before one of EK's finest recent productions, 'Watch Dis' moves into full view. 'Kung Fu' takes over... and this is no ordinary version of Uberzone's production work. It features some amazing digital scratching by Davey Dave and boy will it blow you away! It slides smoothly into 'Kick A Hole' by Forme before breaking into a very huge tune.

The recent huge tune by Dylan Rhymes vs Rorce Mass Motion, that is of course 'Hold Back' followed very closely by Three of Uberzone's tracks the first, which was done in collaboration with Rennie Pilgrem, is that of 'Couscous'. Then comes Trapeziod and the heavy 'Dark Side Of The Moon Mix' of 'Moondust'.

This disc comes to a close as it started, with some very nice digital beats. The 'Special Mix' of Uberzone's 'The Freaks' features some amazing sound positions, if you listen to this track with some headphones you will really get the full effect of its moving sounds and make you understand why its a 'special' mix. Koma & Bones are featured for the 2nd time on this compilation with their mix of The Chrystal Method's 'You Know It's Hard' before ILS end this disc on a high with '6 Space', the Next Level remix.

What can you say about this album, its has no flaws, no weak tracks, no issues. It showcases 15 very nice tracks together with some amazing mixing and effects to refine this 'digital mix' as an experience. I recommend you go and give it listen now!

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