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Style techno-house / breakbeat / idm / juke / bass
Released 24/01/2020
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Naive
Type Album

Jacktone Records and Naive have combined forces to bring you a split EP featuring the jagged punk techno of San Francisco's gayphextwin and the melodic breaks and bass of Valencia's Pépe. gayphextwin unleashes her in-your-face, grungy approach to electro and techno as furious drums and slicing acid bass scrape against feedback with frenetic results. The sound is refreshingly direct, distorted, and punk as fuck. Pépe draws from the best of early 90s rave influences while constructing his exciting, modern sound. Filtered breaks and classic drum machines support melodic echoes and bright grooves. The two artist take advantage of the split EP format to remix each other. Cross-pollination leads to hybrid sounds: Pépe remakes gayphextwin's dirty beats into a rave anthem while gayphextwin brings her gritty tones to bear on Pépe's crisp electro. This Digital release will include a pair of bonus tracks: an 11-minute industrial footwork jam from gayphextwin and a Pépe breakbeat track that begins at mid-tempo and builds to jungle speed before returning to where it began.

• gayphextwin — Where is my prairie sun 5:16
• gayphextwin — Saunter 4:11
• gayphextwin — Spz1 3:47
• gayphextwin — Spz1 (Pépe’s Hyperoxygenation Remix) 7:01
• Pepe — Palinka Hammer 6:05
• Pepe — It's The Lights That Make You Pretty 7:24
• Pepe — Palinka Hammer (gayphextwin remix) 4:48
• gayphextwin — This is how i feel 11:39
• Pepe — Bridging Mechanics 5:58
9 / 56:10


Review With the best play-on-a-name since Com Truise and Eltron John we are now met with Gayphextwin, the alias of Brooke Keller out of San Francisco. Teaming up with Jose Bernat aka Pepe from Spain, the pair share a split EP on Portuguese label Naive that since its inception in late 2017 has released music from Photonz, Octa Octa and newcomer Ilana Bryne. The pair meet in Gayphextwin's remix to the euphoric, bass heavy and sweet trancey number "Palinka Hammer" by Pepe, who also delivers two originals that find subtle touches of jungle and amen breaks spliced between the tropical beats of "It's The Lights That Make You Pretty" and percussions of "Bridging Mechanics". Housier atmospheres make their way into Pepe's 'Hyperoxygenation' remix of "Spz1" too, with "This Is How I Feel" delivering a beatdown deconstruction of industrial beats and bleep-ridden tones.
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