Download VA - Remix Rotation Broken Beat / Nu Jazz Chart April 2021 [220 Tracks] mp3

Style: Jazz, Breakbeat, Broken Beat, Nu-Jazz
Date: 17/04/2021
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Remix Rotation
Format: Chart
Tracks: 225 / 20:46:04

Shur-I-Kan Swing Lo 6:24
Session Victim Two Crowns 7:03
Scruscru Who Has The Jazz? 5:07
Lay-Far Searching For Your Love 6:25
Shy FX, T Power Feelings 4:48
Cody Currie, Eliza Rose Moves 3:44
The Ruffcats, Andy Cooper On the Run (Slick Walk Remix) 2:56
Reel People, Jag Second Guess (RP's Club Mix) 6:36
Minimatic Bongo Craze 4:05
WheelUP, Afronaut, Brint Story, Destiny Will Good Love 4:05
Clockwerk, Bird Moves Portisheadshop (7" Edit) 2:27
Nicola Cruz Individuality Riddim 6:39
Jitwam, Folamour Sun After Rain (Kaidi Tatham's After the Sun Remix) 6:22
Scruscru Rain In A Bamboo Grove 4:01
Sean Khan Starchild (Kaidi Tatham Remix) 7:04
Reel People, Vanessa Freeman The Light (RP's Club Mix) 5:48
Hector Plimmer, Daz I Kue Step (Daz I Kue Remix) 7:15
Cossham The Search (Sean Mccabe & Haze City Brux Mix) 7:07
Beanfield Corso 6:47
Walter G Need Rhythm (Nu Yazz Mix) 4:34
Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc. Project) Murder in Casablanca 4:46
Funky Destination Born to Be Bad 3:31
Cossham The Search (Sean Mccabe And Haze City Brux To 4 / 4 Mix) 7:07
Nicola Conte, Gianluca Petrella, Davide Shorty People Need People 4:19
Bernadette Cooper GOTU 4:18
Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc. Project) Khartum 4:38
Fixate One for the Floor (Original Mix) 6:27
Sol Brown Your Time to Shine (Wipe the Needle Remix) [feat. Lady Alma] 9:28
Duke Hugh Got My 606 Back 5:17
Fizzikx Sunday Roast (Original Mix) 4:45
Nikitch, Kuna Maze 46 Rue Du Fort (Sivey Remix) 5:39
Nina Simone Baltimore 4:41
Re:Tract Need You 3:40
The Cool Balance Do You Like Jazz 5:30
Recloose Dust 7:10
Brando Mennella, Carlo Micheli Sax Experience (Jazz Dub) 5:36
Jazztronik Samurai 8:30
Aris Kokou, Harriet Summer Sometimes (The Lost Mix) 7:43
Club Des Belugas Part Time Aliens 3:49
Tigs, PEPPERY Silent (feat. Peppery) [Tuff Culture Remix] 4:53
Lex'A Not Thinking 3:54
MEUTE You & Me 5:07
Restless Soul Son of Ra Ra 7:05
Luiz Murá, Gustav Lundgren Conviver 2:59
Restless Soul Afterhours (Samba Phreek Mix) 6:00
Sasha HNDI (Original Mix) 6:15
kaTaa New Orleans (Extended Mix) 5:11
RK Fusion Time Flight (The James L'Estraunge Orchestra Remix) 6:03
MF Robots Happy Song (Kaidi Tatham & Daz-I-Kue Remix Extended Version) 7:35
Mr. Scruff We Are Coming (Max Graef Remix) 7:29
Kid Fonque, Jonny Miller, ASAP Shembe Owakho 6:32
The Bug, Flowdan, Killa P Skeng 4:40
Chaos In the CBD, Nathan Haines, Dave Koor Emotional Intelligence 6:21
Nightmares on Wax Nights Introlude 4:41
Nova Fronteira Baila Conmigo (AtJazz Remix) 6:51
Dan Kye Actually 3:48
Kabuki Tempest (Atjazz Remix) 6:38
WheelUP, Tiawa Take Me Higher 3:38
Atjazz, Mr. J Together (Andre Toquato Remix) 5:08
Nubiyan Twist, Cherise Flow 4:24
Theo Parrish, Lori, SilentJay, Simon Mavin, Perrin Moss, Paul Bender What You Gonna Ask For (Theo's Mix) 9:43
MustBeat Crew The Feedback (Niles Philips Remix) 4:43
Don Pascal, Niara Scarlett, Rich Blk Be Yourself (Evm128 Remix) 4:51
Vito Lalinga Your Feet In The Sand 4:10
Watch the Ride, DJ Randall, DJ Die, Dismantle, Diemantle Skeematics (Original Mix) 4:25
Franck Roger Mascarade 5:35
Reel People, Sharlene Hector The Rain (RP's Club Mix) 8:04
Rima O Vento Dira (The Wind Will Answer) feat. Cida De Assis (Rima Remix) 7:00
Re:Tract, IORA Waiting 3:28
Funk Mediterraneo Write Now 5:40
Cody Currie, Ally McMahon, Andy K LS Anthem 4:28
Actraiser Abbott's Rest 4:29
Shovell, The Latin Hooligans Soul Makossa [Drums De Makossa] 5:12
Club Des Belugas, Iain Mackenzie Scat 4:44
Scruscru Maneki-Neko 5:52
Hajime Yoshizawa, Navasha Daya Celebration 5:15
Kruder & Dorfmeister Shakatakadoodub 7:02
Kid Sublime The London Bug 6:48
Black Loops Stoner Dreams 5:57
Lay-Far Heartfelt 6:03
Duke Hugh Nighthawks 5:03
Changin Fazes My House (UK Garage Radio Mix) 2:54
Duke Hugh 2017 Heatwave 4:25
Tommy Heron Because of You (blindB Remix) 5:55
Collocutor Gozo (Collocutor vs. The Expansions Remix) 4:08
Piers Kirwan Parley 4:28
David Venuta, Renato Cantini The Gate (Feat. Renato Cantini) 4:39
Nathan Haines Sound Travels 8:32
Dundundun Dun in Outer Space 5:30
S-tone Inc, Marlon Get Freaky Now (feat. Marlon) (Acid Jazz Mix) 5:25
Jungle Casio 3:55
Dundundun Anansi (Rebecca Vasmant Vibration Mix) 7:15
The Cinematic Orchestra To Build A Home (Radio Version) 3:16
Anthony Nicholson Future Black Fusion (Demo Dub) 6:14
Coldcut, Roots Manuva True Skool 3:35
Shur-I-Kan Generations 7:21
Dynamic Syncopation Homing In 4:30
Sean McCabe, Hanlei Now Is The Time (Sean's Cosmos Vamp Dub) 5:17
Nightmares on Wax Mission Venice 2:51
Nicola Conte, Gianluca Petrella African Spirits (Album Version) 6:44
Nightmares on Wax Now Is The Time (Ashley Beedle Warbox Dubplate Special) 5:39
Dam Swindle You, Me, Here, Now 4:54
Nightmares on Wax Now is The Time 4:01
Jitwam Enchanté 4:37
Soopastole Get on Up 4:40
Atjazz, Sarah Jane Morris Fantasy 6:26
Charlie Funk, Afrika Bambaataa, King Kamonzi Its My Funk (Smooves P-Funk Disco Remix) 5:17
Morethanaphase Big Up 5:25
Izo FitzRoy Here I Come (Flevans Remix) 4:28
Peven Everett Stuck 8:44
Ian Friday Carib's Leap (West End Blue Mix) 7:53
Universal Principles Inspirational Breaks 5:29
Cromie RIVER (Classified) 7:41
Jazzanova Dance The Dance (Atjazz Remix) 8:35
Nicola Conte, Gianluca Petrella, Nduduzo Makhathini Tribes 6:46
WheelUP, Afronaut Good Love (Instrumental) 4:05
Ananda Project Expand Your Mind (King Britt Scuba Main Mix) 5:51
Red Astaire Follow Me 4:43
LION BABE, Leikeli47 The Wave (Rogerseventytwo Remix) 3:34
WheelUP Wanezi 4:12
Kaidi Tatham Could It Be 3:45
Nikitch, Kuna Maze CBD 4:24
Wipe The Needle, Tshaka Campbell Torn (WTN North London Dub) 5:49
Kek'star, Stickman Total Chaos (Reycle Mix) 8:09
WheelUP Take Me Higher (Instrumental) 3:37
Sean McCabe, Mike City I Know Someone (IG Culture Dub) 5:32
Fizzikx Afro Route (Broken Beat Nu Jazz Mix) 5:46
Danny J Lewis MJ's Groove (Extended Version) 6:34
The African Sunset Project Waterfalls 9:37
Gazzara Our Man In Rio (LTJ Xperience Jazzsamba Remix) 5:05
Karen Nyame KG, UNIIQU3 Black Roses 2:37
Feiertag, Tessa Rose Jackson, Oli Hannaford Yearn 3:53
Gary Bartz, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Adrian Younge The Message 4:11
Marcos Resende, Index Nergal 9:15
Afronaut, Melissa Browne Transcend M.E. 7:56
JD73 Subsonic 9:04
Parov Stelar Pink Dragon 4:23
Mo'Horizons Ai Mi Morena 4:40
Yussef Dayes, Alfa Mist, Mansur Brown Love Is the Message 7:30
Da Lata Asking Eyes (Phil Asher's West Ten Mix) 8:41
Nicola Cruz Barretto (Tienes Algo) 6:55
Nubian Mindz Black Science (Restless Soul Looptime Mix) 7:30
Nathan Haines Doot Dude (Ashley Beedle's Buff Boy Vocal Remix) 7:14
Red Snapper Hot Flush (Sabres of Paradise remix) 8:06
Jedi Johnston, Casbah 73 Back Atcha (Casbah 73 Remix) 6:56
Fourth Kind Take Me to Your Sky 4:27
Sharrif Simmons, Dr. Madimin The Revolution Will Not Be Socialized 3:08
DJ Gomi feat. Byron Stingily, Byron Stingliy Hot Nights (Kenny Dope's Rhythm Mix) 7:08
Dj Smash Re-Connected (Abstract Jazz Lounge Mix) 5:39
Martin Georgi Business 5:20
Frank Demegni Di Cortesia 4:41
Up, Bustle & Out Running Rude 4:49
JazzProfilactika Ah Yeah! (Vito Lalinga Vi Mode inc. Project Afro Cut) 6:36
Beanfield The Season (Attica Blues - Charlie Dark Remix) 9:24
Atjazz, Mr. J Together (Clyde Remix) 5:50
Sean McCabe, Hanlei Now Is The Time (Sean's Cosmos Instrumental) 7:05
Nowheretobefound Hard Times 4:08
Nicola Conte, Gianluca Petrella, Bridgette Amofah New World Shuffle (Album Version) 6:38
Mono tuned Crossing the Streets 5:56
Terry Francis, Miss C, HIVE71 Love Me (Noël Jackson Remix) 8:30
Ian Friday Tanty 9:26
The Bas Lexter Ensample Jazz Oder Nie 2:02
Felipe Gordon, Cody Currie Better Days 5:38
Carmen Lundy So This Is Love 3:37
Jojo Effect The Beat Goes On 4:15
L.T.J. Sound Machine Don't Stop the Sax 7:39
Worldtraveller, Messy MC High Jazz Dubs 3:59
Cut Capers Let's Start Again 3:30
Wei - Chi Dream 6:23
Studnitzky Prophet (Kyodai Dub Remix) 5:35
Duke Hugh, Renato Paris Common Ground 3:31
Lay-Far All Massive 4:56
Luchi & Raizer Beauty and Blood (Broken Beat Mix) 6:00
Elite Beat Los Baez by Midnight 4:01
Soul Groove (UK) Last Night At Jazz Colossus (Breakbeat Jazz Mix) 7:01
C.9ine, Cozmiq, Teen Greenfield My Story Remixes (Luchi & Raizer Deep Version) 6:48
Dan Kye Change 4:36
Black Jazz Consortium, Christina Wheeler Resonate 7:29
MaHeta Andale Andale 4:58
Cktrl As You Are 2:04
JD73 The Tribe 5:54
Sun Ra Twin Stars of Thence (Alternate Mix) 9:52
The Bug, Flowdan Jah War 3:01
Domu Save It Feat Face 6:00
Soane Crazy Cousins 5:40
Lars Bartkuhn Dimensions 7:48
Marlow Quiet - Losoul Remix 6:48
J-Silk Bring Me Joy (Nikitch & Kuna Maze Remix) 4:07
JD73 From Tine 2 Time 7:30
Black Dive, Joy Adegoke Free Me from Fears (Original Mix) 2:39
The African Sunset Project Waterfalls (Bonus Beats) 4:07
Bobby Womack The Bravest Man in the Universe 3:53
Tigs, DJ Wisk All Right 4:22
Ladi6 Royal Blue (Silent Jay, Sensible J & Leigh Fisher Remix) 3:13
M. Vaughan If I'd Been More Smart 5:06
Soane Not Without You 5:16
Daz-I-Kue, Colonel Red Rokstone (Soon Come) (Several Small Furry Bugz Co-Operating in the Attic Remix) 6:38
Henrik Schwarz, Bugge Wesseltoft In Spite Of Everything 5:33
Fauna Flash Ten - Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix 6:44
Boca 45 Koochi 3:11
Soane Syncopated Music 5:56
Red Astaire Come Down 4:16
Mumiy Troll Jimolost (Moderator Instrumental Mix) 3:21
Orekid Yesterdays Gone (Original Mix) 5:53
Genius Of Time Juxtapose 6:38
Nikitch, Kuna Maze 46 rue du Fort 4:17
Valique Uno Dos Tres 5:51
Nikitch, Kuna Maze JPS 4:06
Nikitch, Kuna Maze ZBRA 4:35
Papik, Sarah Jane Morris I Really Feel You So 3:50
Trevor Loveys U Know It (Solid Groove Mix) 5:54
Swell Session A Swell Session 9:28
Freestylers Holdin On 5:25
Wookie, Lain Battle (mixed) 3:03
Zulutronic Zulutronic 4:01
Sergio Helou The Ocean (After The Tide Remix) 6:49
Huma Moon Crab 4:32
Harrison BDP The Powerful Play 7:11
Niles Philips Things That Come to Me 3:59
Freestylers Getting It Together 4:59
Neal Conway, Cuda CONGAZ, Tevin Smith, Soule Invictus 7:22
Papik feat. Ely Bruna The puzzle of life 3:26
Riccicomoto The Night of 62 6:39
Marbert Rocel Always on My Mind 4:24
Gary Bartz, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Adrian Younge Day by Day 4:56

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