Style: Breakbeat, Breaks, House
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Date: 10/05/2002
Label: Finger Lickin' Records
Cat: FLRCD005

• Drumattic Twins - Dominate 6:54
• Drumattic Twins - Drumattical 7:05
• Drumattic Twins - Feelin' Kinda Strange 5:42
• Drumattic Twins - Invincible Bass 5:35
• Drumattic Twins - Mind The Gap 6:23
• Drumattic Twins - Mutate The Beat 4:45
• Drumattic Twins - One Thousand Speakers 5:28
• Drumattic Twins - Smokin' It 7:04
• Drumattic Twins - Start Of Something 4:40
• Drumattic Twins - The Hunt For Twisted Desire 4:46
• Drumattic Twins - Thinkin' About You 7:02
• Drumattic Twins - Wormhole 4:06
• Drumattic Twins - Drumattical 1:08:45
13 / 2:18:13

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Drummatical is the first album on Fingerlickin for the Drummatic Twins and is also the label's third artist album, following on from the likes of the Plump DJ's and Lee Coombs. After making a name for themselves under the guise of Shades Of Rhythm in the early days of rave and acid, Nick and Lanx have embraced breakbeat culture and brought some funk back into nu-skool breaks.
Smokin' It is the introduction to this album and kicks off with a journey through the radio dial as someone flips through the stations like a bored couch potato flipping throught the cable channels - similar to what the introduction from It's A Finger Lickin' Thang 2 sounded like - before kick starting the bass drum beat and moving into a funky electro house number complete with synthesized orchestral samples - kind of Arthur Baker influenced.
Smoothly mixing in next is Start Of Something which is on a similar vibe to New Order and groovy as hell. A bit of tribal house is served up to your ears, yet keeping the theme coherent with the first track. You could probably be excused for not recognising a new track as it is mixed quite smoothly with the first track.

If you haven't yet heard Feelin' Kinda Strange which also features Dominate on the B-side, then you probably need to get out more or just listen to the radio as it has been added to the high rotation list on JJJ.
Thinkin' About You is another certified breaks/house anthem and has also been rocking the clubs around the place. Featured on Fingerlickin Thang Vol 2, the mayhem starts as soon as the countdown sequence begins!
Following on from Thinkin' About You is the slowed down Worm Hole. 80's electro styled breaks make you think back to Planet Rock or any Arthur Baker produced Afrika Bambaataa track. Adding in some bongos for that Apache-esque kind of feel.

Mutate The Beat is the B-side to Thinkin' and it oozes of that 70's blaxploitation kinda funk all the way from the drum beats to the funky disco guitar. For the DJ's out there, the 12" is a very powerful combination.
Mind The Gap continues that 70's disco funk theme. Think Rick James kind of funk, without the vocals. A highlight track of the album.
Drumattical appears on one the 12" samplers and because it is the title track, it should definitely be the highlight of the whole album. Unfortunately it gets a little too repetitive and could have really been shortened.
One to wreck the sound system is One Thousand Speakers which includes some spacy laser sounds and some nice build ups.

The Hunt For Twisted Desire is probably inspired from the Prodigy's What Evil Lurks - their first track - starting off with a reading of a horror story. The drum beat is not dissimilar to Diesel Power. Hard rough beats to get heads nodding.
Invincible Bass appears as the B-side to Drumattical on the 2nd 12" sampler and is reminiscent of the Plump DJ's style of party rockin nu-skool, just a little too repetitive. It's more of a teaser to Dominate which is the climax and last track of the album.
To sum it all up, an album with 3 big singles that worked the clubs and gained mucho respect from both breaks and house DJ's should definitely be classed as the artist album of the year. Drumattical is almost on point, however it just falls short of the mark.
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