Beyond the Breaks Episode 474 Featuring Miss Mants (2015)

Style: nu skool breaks, breakbeat, progressive breaks
Release date: 12-05-2015
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 139 Mb

Beyond the Breaks Episode 474 Featuring Miss Mants (2015)


1. John Dopping – The Truth (Chris Voro remix) [Research & Development]
2. Aggresivnes, Viper X – Geisha (Shade K remix) [Elektroshok Records]
3. Peter Paul – Count Drak In The Mix (Peter Paul remix) [N-Mitysound Records]
4. ilLegal Content – Inspire (Guau remix) [Distorsion Records]
5. The Rogue Element – Backbreaker (Original Mix) [Exceptional Records]
6. Hard Hop Heathen – Beat Bastik [Concrete]
7. Miss Mants – Infusion (Original Mix) [V.I.M. Records]
8. Miss Mants – Move It Right (Original Mix) [V.I.M. Records]
9. Miss Mants – Urban Foundation (Original Mix) [V.I.M. Records]
10. Miss Mants – Chasing Perfection (Original Mix) [V.I.M. Records]
11. Miss Mants – The Beginning (Original Mix) [V.I.M. Records]
12. Aggresivnes – Agony (Shade K remix) [Free Download]
13. Backdraft – Revolution (Davip remix) [Bassrock Records]
14. Laid Blak – Red (Teddy Killerz & Davip remix) [Free Download]
15. Agent K, Bella – Sierra Leone (Original Mix) [Digital Records]


Hi and welcome to episode 474 of Beyond the Breaks. I hope you have been enjoying the new format of the show in the last few weeks I know I certainly have. I have been super impressed with the effort and quality that has gone in to the guest mixes thus far and this weeks episode is no different as I bring to you Miss Mants.

Maria says about her mixes…

Mixes that I make usually include different types of breaks. Sometimes I’m adding tracks even from the 90s. I think good music doesn’t have an expiration date and I feel strongly about giving people an opportunity to understand the history of the breaks. Do not forget where the break is coming from: names, labels – a lot of producers/DJs have changed their style throughout their long careers and I think it will be very interesting for their fans one day to realise what their heroes were up to in the past. I got into breaks a bit late to be honest, in 2007. Since 1999 I’ve been into drum and bass only. And before that Prodigy were my heroes. Ok, back to mixing. For me the perfect mix is the track that has a beginning, a middle part, the part that is going to blow your mind and the end. The build up in the mix is very important to me and I am working very hard to make it as more interesting as I can. I want to give to my listeners the energy that will be charging them with dreams, ideas and good thoughts. I remember myself back in a days bouncing in the first row and dreaming that one day I will be able to give the same joy. The biggest achievement to me is when I see people happy. Their happiness charges me in return and keeps me going.

I couldnt agree more with her sentiments here and I am very proud to bring you her guest mix. You can tune in live on Monday 13th at11am GMT on NSB Radio. I hope to see you there.

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