VA - BBQ Beats 2016 [LP]

Style: Breaks & Beat, Breakbeat, Uk Garage, Bass House
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 05/06/2016
Label: Punks
Cat: PUNKS086

• Wuki — Lip Pop 3:04
• Pirate Jams — Happy Days 5:17
• Bombo Rosa — Salto Batida 5:31
• Plump DJs — Iou One 4:38
• Skapes/Jamie George — Serious 6:00
• Stanton Warriors/Eboi — Jerk That 4:47
• Stanton Warriors — Where's the Beef? 4:32
• Nixon — Simple Minds 4:59
• 601 — Protest Dirty 4:52
• Bombo Rosa — She Can't Love You 4:26
• Mafia Kiss/Alison Levi — Move My Soul 6:28
• Mafia Kiss — High (Marten Hørger Remix) 4:28
• Beatslappaz — Them Girlz 4:09
• Wes Smith — Techwerk 4:30
• Stanton Warriors — Who Are the Warriors (BassKleph Remix) 6:14
• UFO Project — Hard One 4:33
• Nixon — Solar Lover 4:29
• Stanton Warriors — Hope Time (Extended Mix) 7:04
• Stanton Warriors/Eska — Still Here (Club Mix) 6:28
• SPEAK1200 — Back to Yours 4:44


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Summers in the air round Stanton Warriors' Punks HQ with the release of their cocktails-friendly BBQ Beats compilation. It's a fruity mix for sure, with opener "Lip Pop" by Luki coming across like eccentric ghetto-pop. Elsewhere we get sizzling tropical Latin bass on Bombo Rosa's "Salto Batida", brooding, sultry UKF on Skapes & Jamie George's "Serious", haunted breaks on the Warriors' own "Where's The Beef?" and the dreamy melancholy of the freestyle pop jam "Move My Soul" by Mafia Kiss and Alison Levi. A decent summer collection if ever there was one.
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