Zardonic - Antihero [LP] (2015 Album, CD)

Release date: 15-08-2015
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 281 Mb
Style: Drum and bass, Metal
Label: Entertainment One U.S

Новый лонгплей и Федерико получил название Antihero и будет сосстоять из 11 оригинальных работ, 6 инструментальных версий и 9 ремиксов. Авторами ремиксов выступили Countersktrike, Evol Intent, Dub Elements и другие. Стоит отметить, что в релиз вошел ремикс от Рустама Мансурова он же Rusty K (Россия).
Выход альбома намечен на 18 сентября и на него уже можно оформить предзаказ на iTune!


1. Zardonic - World At War [Prologue]
2. Zardonic - Against All Odds
3. Zardonic - For Justice
4. Zardonic - Crush It
5. Zardonic - Vigilante
6. Zardonic - Override
7. Zardonic - Pure Power
8. Zardonic - Raise Hell
9. Zardonic - The Time Is Now
10. Zardonic - Antihero [Epilogue]
11. Zardonic - Highway 666 (Bonus Track)
12. Zardonic - Against All Odds (Instrumental Mix)
13. Zardonic - For Justice (Instrumental Mix)
14. Zardonic - Vigilante (Instrumental Mix)
15. Zardonic - Pure Power (Instrumental Mix)
16. Zardonic - Raise Hell (Instrumental Mix)
17. Zardonic - The Time Is Now (Instrumental Mix)
18. Zardonic - Against All Odds Rusty K remix
19. Zardonic - For Justice (Counterstrike remix)
20. Zardonic - Crush It (Dub Elements remix)
21. Zardonic - Vigilante (Esparta remix)
22. Zardonic - Override (Darksiderz remix)
23. Zardonic - Pure Power (Heavygrinder remix)
24. Zardonic - Raise Hell (Evol Intent remix)
25. Zardonic - The Time Is Now (The Outside Agency remix)
26. Zardonic - Antihero (Voicians remix)

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Zardonic - Antihero [LP] (2015 Album, CD)
Zardonic - Antihero [LP] (2015 Album, CD)
Zardonic - Antihero [LP] (2015 Album, CD)
Zardonic - Antihero [LP] (2015 Album, CD)
Zardonic - Antihero [LP] (2015 Album, CD)



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Федерико Зардоник не перестаёт удивлять своим звучанием, один из лучших продюсеров, тёмной стороны drum'n'bass а!

Zardonic’s album Antihero, which is set for a September 18th, 2015 release, perfectly defines chaos, destruction, and fire through his music.
Antihero begins with the first track, “World at War.” This short one-minute prologue track has all the right dynamics and sound effects to introduce the album, and place the audience right into Antihero’s vibe. The prologue effectively strikes fear into the listener as they hear that the world around them is crumbling down with fire and death. The world is at war, after all.

The second track, “Against All Odds” is fast-paced, incorporated with screaming vocals and a heavily-packed melodic guitar solo. The third track, “For Justice,” does not fall short of those components either. The intro, starting off with just a gritty synth, perfectly transitions into a storm of guitars, vocals, and pounding drum beats, right when “We’re coming back for you!!!!” is screamed. The guitar solo, like the preceding track, neatly keeps the song driving along, and sounds right in place. The fourth track, “Crush It,” features vocals while not screamed, still have that dominating voice, giving you the power to crush it.

The sixth track, “Override,” is one track that personally stands out, and is one of the most ear-gripping songs in the album. Similar to the chorus for “For Justice” and the seventh track “Pure Power,” this particular one doesn’t use much of the drum and bass-like beats and instead keeps the beat steady. The song overrides computer systems and your headphones with catchy vocals, synths, and it even features the Internet dial-up sound effect! The song’s pace is also dynamic throughout, slowing it down midway through the song, and pushing it back up to leave the audience throwing their hands in the air and jumping throughout.

Speaking of the seventh track, “Pure Power” is also a song with a steady beat but not as pacey as “Override.” The vocals in this song act more as a powerful figure shouting through a megaphone to grab the crowd’s attention and get them pumped up for a movement.

Marked as the album’s epilogue, the eleventh track “Antihero” closes out the album which goes by the same name. Building up with a distorted guitar and a synth riff, the track ends Antihero the same way the album began: with pace and power. The album is also bundled with a bonus track, “Highway 666,” and it’s a fierce, hyper three and a half-minute song with intense screaming and vocals, accompanied by pulsing drum and bass beats.

So generally, each track features the basis of the tracks in the album: an upbeat and explosive fusion of metal and electronic dance music with gritty electric guitars, driving beats, and commanding vocals. But it’s not all just random placements of effects, samples, synths, and melodies here and there just for the heck of producing angry music. Stemming from this basis, Zardonic seems to mix things up from track to track. Each song is carefully planned and structured so every part of the tracks flow well and not sound out of place.

Overall, Zardonic’s album Antihero is an album definitely worth waiting for, set for a September 18th release. Fusing metal and electronic dance music under one super Zardonic-esque genre, Antihero creates the perfect destructive atmosphere that causes the audience to get up and dance anyways. While each song’s foundation consists of fast pulsating drum beats, intensely screeching guitars, and dominating vocals, Zardonic finds a way to give a different sound to each song; Antihero keeps the energy going throughout the eleven tracks, but the listener can also expect a different vibe throughout.

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