Rick Tedesco, Mariion Christiian - Cause And Effect (LP) 2017

Style: House, Progressive Breaks, Drum and Bass
Release date: 07-01-2017
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 196 Mb
Label: Base Industry

01. Mariion Christiian - Spirited Away
02. Rick Tedesco & Mariion Christiian - Sonder (feat. Allie Elliott)
03. Rick Tedesco & Mariion Christiian - Komorebi
04. Mariion Christiian - Starry Eyes (feat. The Weathering)
05. Rick Tedesco - Metanoia
06. Mariion Christiian - Sixteen Again
07. Rick Tedesco - Mellifluous
08. Rick Tedesco - Decaying Circuits
09. Mariion Christiian - Ghosted
10. Rick Tedesco - Halo
11. Rick Tedesco & Mariion Christiian - Wicked Orbit
12. Rick Tedesco & Mariion Christiian - Altered States
13. Mariion Christiian - Uchu
14. Rick Tedesco - Ukiyo

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Cause & Effect is a multi-genre, electronic album composed by Rick Tedesco (Dallas. Texas) and Mariion Christiian (LA, California). The duo have been working together over the last year fine tuning their work together across a spectrum of dance music remixes, and now have steered away from the dancefloor to compile a new concept album that explores both their talents across many genres to give you, the listener, a new experience in electronic music. The concept of the album was to explore several different genres, ranging from down-tempo/chill-out, mid-tempo house, deep house, indie-retro dance, progressive house, breaks and liquid drum n bass. No boundary was left unexplored when the duo was composing the album. The end result is a deep, ever evolving long player album (14 tracks) that builds and captures your attention throughout, with tracks like "Starry Eyes" which features vocal talent from artist The Weathering, "Sixteen Again" which has some heavy Depeche Mode overtones, "Wicked Orbit" exploring the duo's progressive and dark breaks, until it finishes out with "Uchu" and "Ukiyo", deeper liquid drum and bass. This album has something for everyone and we look forward for you to experience yourself.

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