Kanine - Mercy 2018 EP

Style: Drum and Bass, Jump Up
Release date: 16/02/2018
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Low Down Deep

1. Kanine - Mercy (04:25)
2. Kanine - Locked Off (04:31)
3. Kanine - Signal (04:07)
4. Kanine - A31 (04:12)
5. Kanine - Command (03:45)


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Woof woof! Kanine makes his debut on Low Down Deep with four barking mad thunder jams. "Mercy" does the foghorn bassline shake in a similar groaning way that Serum and Benny L have championed lately, "Locked Off" takes us for walkies at a heads-down turbo pace via sandpaper bassline bliss while "Signal" would give any dog a massive bone with its laserfied bass screams. Elsewhere "A31" wags its tail respectfully at the Clipz school of riff science while "Command" rips down the walls with a bass texture so toxic it could you put down. Welcome to the doghouse.
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