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A Sides ft MC Fats - PandaDNB 73 (13/05/2014)

Release date: 13-05-2015
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 91 Mb
Style: drum and bass

For most of 2013 A Sides has been the figurehead behind a fundraising album for his good friend MC Fats who has been suffering with health problems. He has managed to compile the We Gotcha album project boasting 40 tracks from many high profile artists.
Other projects set for 2015 are a new A Sides solo album and also a joint collaboration album with Japanese producer Makoto. The future is looking bright!


00:00 MC Fats vs SS - Revival
01:54 MC Fats vs Need For Mirrors &HLZ - BUMP
03:48 Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris - Dirty 78
05:42 MC Fats vs A Sides - Rebel Rouser (Cabin Fever remix)
07:37 MC Fats vs A Sides - Dreaming (Serum & Bladerunner remix)
09:31 MC Fats vs Will Miles - The Last Breath
11:25 MC Fats vs John B - Drop That Rhythm
13:20 MC Fats vs A Sides ft & Regina - What You Dont Know (Makoto remix)
15:14 Vignette - Eveson
17:08 MC Fats vs Zinc - Move That Sound (Mr Joseph remix)
19:02 MC Fats vs A Sides - Moment In Time (SPY remix)
20:57 MC Fats vs XRS - Lovin (Random Movement remix)
22:51 MC Fats vs Bailey - For The Love
24:45 MC Fats vs Squarewave - Special Moment (d-Bridge remix)
26:39 MC Fats vs HLZ & Chef - Souljah
28:34 MC Fats vs Mackadena ft MC Random - Around The World (A Sides remix)
30:28 MC Fats vs Alix Perez - Soulseeker
32:22 MC Fats vs SIN - Snuck (VIP)
34:17 MC Fats vs Mr Explicit - Play That Game
36:11 MC Fats vs A Sides - Crazy (Czekki remix)
38:05 MC Fats vs Brother - True To You


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