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Style: Drum and Bass, Jump up
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Date: 23/06/2014
Label: Playaz

Х Konichi Ч Very Exciting 4:31
Х Philth & P-Fine Ч Tired 5:31
Х Serum Ч Tommy Gun 4:52
Х Chromatic Ч Tell Her 5:59
Х Pleasure Ч Danger Close 5:31
Х Damage Report Ч Go Bye 4:40
Х Dialogue Ч How Easy 4:24
Х T>I Ч Deep Within 6:41
Х NC-17 & SoulCulture Ч GutterVille 5:08
Х Nu Elementz Ч MDMA 4:24
10 / 51:38

Yessss! It's time for Hype and Pascal to present another tasty Flavours EP - ten chunky cuts from the roster, all in one happy meal ;) First up is Konichi 'Very Exciting'; the Cheltenham boy brings it with a banger and then Philth - everyone's favourite ginger and Origin FM host - teams up with MC P-Fine for the genius colab 'Tired' - a track which started its life as a ranting poem written on a mobile phone. Next up Serum 'Tommy Gun'; with a couple of huge drops, this one is a dancefloor heavyweight and Chromatic aka Joe, Leon and Jake bring the soulful summer vocals and slick production with 'Tell Her'. Pleasure calls the cops in with his track 'Danger Close' and Ollie Dialogue's 'How Easy' is another tasty tune. Soulculture rounds things off with 'Gutterville', teaming up with NC-17 for a big bad bass in your face, plus there's rootsy downtempo vibes from T>I with 'Deep Within'. Calling last orders on this EP are Nu Elementz - DJs Beanz and Ovadose - with their naughty anthem MDMA.

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