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Style Drum and Bass, Jump Up
Released 09/09/2019
Format MP3/320kbps
Label Inner City Dance
Cat ICD037

Hoogs — Jah Break 4:27
Hoogs — Puff Bomb 4:28


Turbo | Nitro
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Inner City Dance gladly welcomes upstate New York’s Jungle stalwart Hoogs to the label. With an extensive DJ history in his home state as one of the main practitioners of the culture, Tom Hoogs brings his impeccable production pedigree to ICD for the first time.
With deep roots in the music, Hoogs sound is equally balanced between heritage and futurism, combining classic Drum & Bass templates with an innovative approach. Both tracks on his debut encapsulate the smoked out feel of vintage Full Cycle with the bouncy playfulness of Dope Dragon.
“Jah Break” pits tightly chopped drums skittering over top of an energetic dub wise bass line and ska horns, creating a completely fresh take on the sound.

On “Puff Bomb” Hoogs shows his Studio Drum influence even further with layered breaks, familiar vocal snips and an elastic b line completed with classic Krust style squelches and effects.
Whilst accurately aimed at the dancefloor, Hoogs sense of groove and percussive nuance push his music beyond simple rave fodder and signal him as name to watch for.
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