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Style Drum and Bass, Psy-Bass, Psy-Glitch
Released 06/09/2019
Quality MP3/320kbps
Label Gravitas
Cat GR138

Если раньше Templo приручал басовые формы, то теперь заметно, что ему стали по душе глитчевые трюки, которые артист исполняет на дабовом "настиле". Одним словом - Гравитас!

• Templo — Magnetics 4:33
• Templo — The Owl Watches 4:32
• Templo — Shot in the Dark 4:13
• Templo — Tommy Heads West 4:12
• Templo — They Gone 3:39
• Templo — RedShotScandal 5:01


Turbo | Nitro

Fresh off a successful year of music releases, music festival performances, and co-headlining runs, Templo comes to Gravitas Recordings to debut his long-awaited creation, Mountains Can’t Cry. This six-track EP is rooted within Liam’s inspiration from world instruments and sounds in nature. After producing an array of diverse styles and genres over the past few years, he would always find himself returning to Mountains Can’t Cry whenever he needed to relax. Evident within the EP's melodic fusion, Mountains Can’t Cry was an outlet where he was able to let the music flow naturally. Liam has always been attracted to ethnic and dub reggae styles of music, and listeners can expect to hear more organic sounds in future releases to come.

“Magnetics” quickly establishes the ethnic and reggae grooves that are to come as an experimental soundscape enters, riddled with a sampled atmosphere of those who inhabit the area. As the sun goes down and darkness overlays, “The Owl Watches” throughout the night, examining the mischief and mistreatment that has been done through a series of ominous strings. Cries from the mountain attempt to produce during “Shot In The Dark,” but they struggle to form once the psychedelic dub acoustics make their strike. Wandering along the Earth, “Tommy Heads West” to further detect world instruments that accompany groovy riffs and oscillation. “They Gone” introduces the meek weeps from sentient creatures that strive to vocalize on behalf of the mountain. As nature itself begins to power down in “RedShotScandal,” the tides abruptly turn as living creatures and world fusion collide to form a powerhouse of hope for the silent mountain.
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