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Style Drum and Bass, Neurofunk
Released 5/11/2019
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Neuropunk

Ozma — Killah (04:04)
Ozma — Get Down (04:50)
Ozma — Jazz Time (04:30)
Ozma — Unknown Language (04:31)


OZMA makes his NEUROPUNK RECORDS debut for NRPNK006, bringing his unique fusion of jump up and neurofunk styles to the label for the aptly named KILLAH EP. As a longtime veteran of the Russian drum & bass scene OZMA has operated out of Saint Petersburg for over ten years, during which time his works have seen releases on labels such as Playaz, Serial Killaz, and Time of Night Recordings. Now, he joins the growing ranks of the NEUROPUNK RECORDS label alongside fellow Russian artists such as Gydra, Teddy Killerz, and Mizo, presenting a four track display of his sonic power for NRPNK006.

KILLAH opens the EP of the same name with introductory flair courtesy of its brash horns and distorted vocal sample before launching into a rapid pattern of modulated basses topped with scattered synths and sliced up vocal segments. GET DOWN follows this with a set of singularly odd tonalities, refracting the sonic character of the surrounding sounds through an aberrant mid frequency melody. Next comes JAZZ TIME, which amplifies the importance of the second half of the word “Neurofunk” with snippets of brass and upright bass amidst the massive weight of its devastating low end. UNKNOWN LANGUAGE then closes the EP with a decisively tech focused edge as the steady rhythm of its bassline cuts through an indecipherable vocal sequence atop an unstoppable percussive rhythm.With the KILLAH EP, OZMA displays his years of experience in the Drum & Bass scene on the recently founded NEUROPUNK RECORDS label, delivering four tracks unified by his fusion of the genre’s myriad tonal palettes for NRPNK006.
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  • BEST DNB PODCAST 254 — Bad Syntax, Contrast (26/10/2019)
  • Neuropunk 49 Podcast - Mixed By DJ Bes
  • OZMA - Flute Song / Unravel (EP) 2019
  • Soundbwoy Killah - Halcyon Daze [LP] 2019
  • Ozma - Tesseract [EP] 2019
  • Teddy Killerz - Vibe 2019 [EP]
  • Ozma - Again / Together 2019 [EP]
  • The Anunnaki — #Killah (The Remixes) (EP) 2018
  • OZMA - The World Of Drum and Bass: The Cube (OFFICIAL PROMO MIX 2018)
  • Theory Of Core - Podcast #111 Mixed By Radio Killah (2018)
  • Ozma - The Adventure (EP) 2018
  • Neuropunk Special - THE FAT 9 mix by BES (2018)
  • Ozma - Xmas Mix 2018 (Drum&Bass / Jump Up)
  • Brain Crisis & Hectix & Ozma - Ignescent 020 2017 [EP]
  • OZMA - Lazer Gun (EP) 2017
  • Neuropunk 43 Podcast — Bes DJ (Нейрофанк Подкаст 43 / 2017)
  • OZMA, Lowriderz - Ozriderz (EP) 2017
  • Lowriderz, Ozma - Timeofnight FREE001 (EP) 2016
  • OZMA - The World Of Drum & Bass / Neuropunk (OFFICIAL PROMO MIX 2016)
  • OZMA - Chicken Boy (Remixes) 2016 [EP]
  • Ozma, Mellon feat. Avenax - Koala / iLove 2016 [EP]
  • Ozma - Pixels 2016 [EP]
  • "Dебри" (Guest Mix OZMA) (09/01/2016) Record Irkutsk
  • We LOVE Drum and Bass 059 (2015 Radio Record) #Gunstaband, OZMA Guest Mix
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