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Style Drum and Bass, Liquid DNB
Released 4/11/2019
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Skankandbass
Nr SNB060

Petroll — Breathe feat. Lottie Woodward 4:41
Petroll — Affection 4:30


Skankandbass is dedicated towards the official promotion of record labels and artists in the world of drum & bass music. Since inception in 2009, Skankandbass has unearthed some of the freshest talents in the scene and has opened many doors for unsigned artists. Now, through Skankandbass Records we release a series of free download singles which aims to further help spread the work of the best unsigned, newcomer artists who deserve more recognition.

SNB060 comes from Petroll, a young producer from The Netherlands who has made a name through features on Differential, Celsius and Soul Lab among others. After grabbing our attention with his ‘Samurai EP’ earlier this year, we’re excited to welcome the Groningen native to Skankandbass Records. ‘Breathe / Affection’ are two both absolutely sublime liquid vocals, with the A-side featuring the soothing vocals of Lottie Woodward.
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