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Style Drum and Bass, Jump Up
Released 7/11/2019
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Sub-Liminal
Nr SLR061

Mentah — No Disrespect (Jaydan Remix) 4:27
Mentah — No Disrespect (Lash Lams Remix) 4:27
Mentah — No Disrespect 4:34


Turbo | Nitro

Review: Mentah goes back to last years Time Space & Matter album and picks one of the track ripest for remixing. To be fair, the whole release was ripe but he's picked the rolling, grunting thunder jam "No Disrespect". We respect that decision, especially when the remixes are as good as these... Donny Jaydan gets brutal with his drums and perks up the bassline while the mysterious Lash Lams dusts off the breaks for more of a junglised slap-about. Both the original and remixes absolutely kill it. And we mean this in all due respect.
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