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Style Drum'n'Bass, Jump Up
Released 8/11/2019
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Co-Lab

OZ — I.C.Y [Heist Remix] 5:14
OZ — Give Me a Sign [Warhead Remix] 4:28
OZ — Assassin [Teej Remix] 4:24


Co-Lab Recordings is Heist's label and is accordingly renown for putting out hard-hitting beats faster than you can say 'f**k off', a testament to the production and curation skills of the man himself. This time the focus is on Oz and the wider Co-Lab crew, as Oz gets his Abstract EP remixed and updated with some fresh new twists. The Teej remix of 'Assassin' is definitely up there as one of the best on the EP, a deeply growling track that is packed with attitude and foreboding notes of synth and sample-based power. Heist himself steps up for the remix on 'I.C.Y', flipping this one into a wobbly number with a wide, slapping snare drum and plenty of angst. Bangers galore here.
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