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Style Drum and bass
Released 30/11/2019
Format MP3,320kbps +[FLAC/LOSSLESS]
Label Sofa Sound

Review Coming in hot on DLR's Sofa Sound, the duo of the moment that is Ill Truth, fresh off the back of their Flexout EP, are landing with a proper stomper. Combining the Sofa Sound mantra of hard hitting, funky beats with their own tendency for low-frequency oscillation, Jay & Haden have smashed this one out the part. The title track features DLR & Gusto and is excellent, but it's on track three 'The Syndicate' that the release hits its peak, as riotous percussion murders its way through bars of pure energy to hit its optimum conclusion. No doubt this one will be getting played a lot across the airwaves.

DLR, Ill Truth, Gusto — New Era 5:32
Ill Truth — Signing Out 6:03
Ill Truth — The Syndicate 4:31


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