Payback - Seasons

Label: Soul Deep Recordings
Catalog#: SDRRLS131
Source: WEB
Release date: 2015-08-18
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 54.79 Мб
Style: Drum and Bass / Драм-энд-бэйс

01. Winter's Chill (05:43)
02. Autumn Fall (05:42)
03. Cascades In Spring (05:55)
04. Essence Of Summer (05:54)

Tamworth's own Payback signs his Seasons EP over to Soul Deep, and we ask you, could there have been a better choice for this beautiful collection of liquid rollers? Picking out sensitive, soulful riffs within the damp thud of heavy percussion, "Winters Chill" feels muffled with snow, balanced out by the trill of twinkling chiming melodies. "Autumn Fall" is a far more percussive tune, owing to the abundance of breaks and additional percussion filling up the top end to balance out silky smooth brass. Dropping hard but remaining cool and collected, it quickly becomes a big roller with a golden centre. Moving into a sunnier climate, "Cascades In Spring" has a crispier, cleaner feel with a light, airy play on pads and synths. Finally, "Essence Of Summer" is a big, hazy summer anthem, as you'd expect, packed with the soul of Brazil. A beautiful package.

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