Tidal - Blue Hours

Label: Cadence Recordings
Catalog#: CAD031
Source: WEB
Release date: 2015-02-21
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 49.06 Мб
Style: Drum and Bass / Драм-энд-бэйс

01. Blue Hours (6:29)
02. Blue Hours (Aural Imbalance Rewire) (8:40)
03. Blue Hours (Rainforest Rewire) (6:06)

We've been fans of Tidal's music since first hearing his early debut release many years back on Cintamani. Blue Hours is Wayne Hay's aka Tidal's Debut for Cadence Recordings & it's a beauty. Tidal creates a unique & layered deep astral soundscape made up of beautiful melodies that float around delicate subtle emotive female vocals & a distant melodic Spanish guitars. This is rich in musicality & is carried by Tidal's infamous sharp clean & punchy drum programming. Here Tidal has arrived in style & is stepping things up whilst going in right at the deep end! Simon Huxtable aka Aural Imbalance makes great use of all the Original elements & reworks things with his uber chill signature sound, taking blue hours to even more ambient territories as he submerses the listener into a floating stream of cosmic bliss with an infectious bass groove that keeps thing moving nicely. Mexico's rising talent Rodrigo Alvarez aka Rainforest adds his finishing touches to the ep & reworks blue hours in fine style with his rolling jungle breaks & art core take on things he creates a remix that has a timeless quality & yet a vintage 90's feel.

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