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Music Drum&Bass
Released 11/03/2020
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Hospital
Nr NHS377

Дебютный релиз Keeno на Hospital Records. До этого мы помним, что вся его музыка выходила на Med School: три альбома и куча прекрасных епишек и синглов.
Следуя в этом году за его восхитительной работой "I Wonder", которая вышла недавно на Sick Music 2020, готовы к выходу две новые не менее отличные композиции.

Keeno hasn't released any music on a full release in what feels like forever, and we assume he's taken a long break to compile a collection of music since the release of his third album over two years ago. This single sees Keeno back in his trademark style of combining classical music with the UK dance scene, an always potent meeting of worlds that sees the transient tension of classical lending its atmospheric nature to the rolling pace of 174. 'Troopers Peak' is nonchalant and soulful, with a gliding main piano riff and sultry breakbeats lying just underneath. 'Old School Lane' is darker and more rolling, part of Hospital's embrace of this side of the scene and a number that has definitely been getting serious Hospitality playtime. Banging.

Keeno — Troopers Peak 4:17 + (Official Video)
Keeno — Old School Lane 4:26


After setting his 2020 story in motion with the stunning ‘I Wonder’, Keeno brings his trademark mastery of classical inspired drum & bass with ‘Troopers Peak’ and ‘Old School Lane’ – his debut release since becoming an official artist on Hospital Records, following the closure of sister label Med School. With his impressive back catalogue of albums ‘Life Cycle’, ‘All The Shimmering Things’ and ‘Futurist’, Keeno continues to champion the more refined and elegant side to drum & bass.
Opening with a stunning cinematic reprise, ‘Troopers Peak’ is a showcase of Keeno’s ability to fuse the worlds of classical music with drum & bass in this sublime piano driven number, that rounds off with beautiful string atmospherics. B-Side track ‘Old School Lane’ takes a darker path to the clean-edged A-Side, layered with grizzly synths and dramatic string work for a formidable stepper that’s in a class of its own.
Keeno carries the torch for emotive, orchestral drum & bass into the new decade with a dedicated following for his unique, distinctive productions and for hosting his own Bristol Mix Sessions podcast. He’s received support across the UK airwaves with plays across BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and 6Music plus Keeno’s technical prowess in the studio has seen extensive features in leading tech music publications Future Mag and Computer Mag. He also continues to set himself apart as a DJ with a worldwide demand across Europe and a mainstay presence at Hospitality shows including Hospitality Returns To The Dock for a special Med School Graduation B2B2B2B set with Etherwood, Whiney and Bop.

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