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Music Drum & Bass
Released 20/03/2020
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Dlt9
Nr DLT9011

Shibumi — Signs 5:00
Shibumi — Tell Me 5:22


Next up on DLT9, the new Delta9 Recordings sister label, is a 2 track single from upcoming American producer Shibumi!

Shibumi is an electronic music producer from the USA. After a short series of releases in 2011-2012 under the name Ackute, he took a hiatus and returned to the scene focused on the deeper side of the spectrum. His primary output is drum & bass, but he has been known to experiment with other genres such as garage, dubstep, and hip hop.

‘Signs’ features a meandering bassline, one which zips and flies between every pattern of shattering bass loops. Shibumi grinds further and further into an intricately layered mix, underpinned by thumping sub bass and greedy swathes of static. Each sonic stab goes on to create an intimidating force, one which grows stronger with every well-engineered segment. And on the flipside comes ‘Tell Me’, with relaxing trails of bass and pulsing percussion, pulling you deep into its tightly-knit composition and allowing you to become fully enveloped in Shibumi’s production style.

Together, they give a perfect snapshot into what Shibumi means as an artist: elegant minimalism, unstoppable basslines and a tendency to lie on the darker side of the drum & bass spectrum. This is why he’s found the ideal platform with DLT9 – because they hold the same ethos, proving that with every release.

Make sure to grab this one, play it loud and follow this amazing producer!
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