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Style: Liquid-DnB, Drum'n'Bass
Date: 03/04/2020
Rar: 137Mb
Format: [mp3/320kbps]
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Записи миксов с онлайн марафона dnb музыки на Smooth N Groove Records. Марафон проходил в онлайне и длился 2 дня – 28-29 марта. Все собранные средства пошли на благополучие диджеев, которые остались без денег, в связи с отменой всех концертов.


Soul Deep & Smooth N Groove are honored to share the mixes from the big fundraiser event on March 28-29th. It was a truly incredible day of immensely talented deejays and producers mixing tunes to perfection, all in the name of charity. The money raised from the event was given to deejays who rely on gigging to make a living. Due to the cancellation of all their gigs, their financial situations were made extremely difficult. We saw an opportunity to help bring the D&B community together to help support their beloved producers, and they showed up in a BIG way!

We’re going to be posting the mixes on the Soul Deep and Smooth N Groove Soundcloud pages in the order that they appeared on the flyer. So keep it locked on our Soundcloud pages for all the latest and greatest deejay mixes that you crave. We’d like to send a special thanks out to all the deejays who participated in the event by sending in your superb mixes. We’d also like to thank all of the all the amazing fans who donated their hard earned money to the cause. You guys really showed how much you love and appreciate the deejays that you follow. For that, we are very grateful. We’d also like to thank the chat room crew, many of which were in the chat room for the whole 2 day, 23 hour marathon of music. You guys share our passion for the music we love, and you made the event a very memorable one.
The event left such a lasting impression on us, and our listeners, that we’ve decided to do another Future Sounds Ratio – Artist Fundraiser in the very near future. Please look out for our posts and lock in for some great music and positive vibes, that will help in these uncertain times. We’re glad that we were able to help, but the problem is probably going to get worse before it gets better.


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    DJ Gluk - LIQUID DRUM [Жидкий Драм] 235-253
    Стиль/Жанр: Drum'n'Bass / Liquid DNB / Intelligent-DNB / Vocal-DNB / Soulful Дата шоу: 15/05/2020 Формат: MP3,128/320kbs Сет красивого
    VA - Lost In Space Drum 'n' Bass Phase 00:03
    Style: Drum 'n Bass Quality: FLAC Release date: 00/00/1997 Label: Lacerba Cat: CERBAD 4
    Rampage - Priority One
    Style: Drum 'n Bass, Jungle Quality: FLAC Release date: 00/00/1995 Label: Almo Sounds Cat: ALMOCD005
    VA - Metalheadz Presents MDZ.04
    Style: Drum 'n Bass Quality: FLAC Release date: 00/00/2004 Label: Metalheadz Cat: METH004CD
    DJ Rap - Propa Classics Vol. 1
    Style: Drum 'n Bass, Jungle Quality: FLAC Release date: 23/10/2001 Label: Intuit-Solar Cat: ITU S200
    Bang! - Shooting Star
    Style: Happy Hardcore Quality: FLAC Release date: 00/02/2005 Label: Stormin Tunes Cat: STORMCD001
    J Majik - Slow Motion
    Style: Drum 'n Bass, Downtempo Quality: FLAC Release date: 00/00/1997 Label: Infrared Cat: INFRA CD 001
    VA - Offshore Presents Troubled Waters
    Style: Drum 'n Bass Quality: FLAC Release date: 13/07/2004 Label: Microcosm Music Cat: SC1002
    VA - Lost In Space Drum 'n' Bass Phase 00:02
    Style: Breakbeat, Drum'n Bass Quality: FLAC Release date: 13/01/1997 Label: Lacerba Cat: CERBAD 2
    Dr. S Gachet & DJ SS - Creative Drum & Bass
    Style: Drum 'n Bass Quality: FLAC Release date: 00/00/1997 Label: Club Masters Cat: ZIP CD 003
    C-Tank - Nightmares Are Reality Part II
    Style: Hardcore, Techno Quality: FLAC Release date: 00/11/1993 Label: Overdrive Cat: OVER 040-2
    Current Value - Beyond Digits
    Style: Drum 'n Bass Quality: FLAC Release date: 00/00/2001 Label: Klangkrieg Cat: KK07
    VA - Best Of Happy Hardcore
    Style: Breakbeat, Happy Hardcore Quality: FLAC Release date: 00/00/1995 Label: Low Price Music Cat: LOW BOX CD 17
    VA - Lost In Space Drum 'n' Bass
    Style: Drum 'n Bass Quality: FLAC Release date: 15/07/1996 Label: Lacerba Cat: CERBAD 1
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