Music Drum&Bass
Release 29/04/2020
Quality MP3,320kbps
Label Absys

Derrick, Tonika Slow Heaven (I Wannabe Remix) 5:33
Electrosoul System feat. Satl Satless (I Wannabe Remix) 5:52
Radicall Without A Word (I Wannabe Remix) 6:21
Sunchase Why We Are Here (I Wannabe Remix) 5:33


Were here with our 22nd digital release! And this time were serving you a highly-diversified three-course meal, arranged in a way to suit virtually every taste. And the meal is an EP consisting of three remixes cooked up by no one else than Andrey Sirotkin aka I Wannabe. This Kiev-based musician has been making big waves for a while now, so its no wonder to see him expand his catalog of releases by including some nice alternate touches to some well-known and well-liked tracks by other artists.

The EP opens with a reinterpretation of Derrick & Tonikas Slow Heaven, now an action-packed deep-subbed roller bound to sweep the dance-floors across the entire globe.
Stage two is Radicalls Without A Word, becoming here more of a deep-end roller, with all the fatter and fuller parts highlighted to offer a more immersive impression of the original.
The last stop is Sunchases Why We Are Here, receiving a treatment turning it into one hell of a killer! With the rhythmic section rearranged and the bass-line modified and boosted, the tracks changed nature shows its more deadly, militant side. Just wait for the second drop! And this wraps up the entire EP, letting the old shine in a new, refreshing light.

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