Music Drum & Bass, Neurofunk, Jump up
Released 1/12/2014
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Ten Ton Beats
Nr TTB40
Type Compilation

• Dangerous — Sick Pay (VIP Mix) 5:08
• maNga — Sandstorm 4:34
• Samy Nicks, Rekwest — Diagnosis (VIP Mix) 5:09
• Steampunk — Out tonight 4:45
• Just Mayhem — Once upon a time 4:29
• Rob Soundline — Tormented 4:23
• Bite Me — Dirty little Rotter 4:02
• Veak — Jungle War 4:32
• Dangerous — Set the trend (L-Ectric Remix) 4:24
• Uniques — Kangaroo Bass 6:14
• Mr Alf-e — Out my head (VIP Mix) 5:15
• Melysma — Wild Guess 6:39


The Bangers only series returns to Ten Ton Beats with a 12 track ensemble of all things big bad bashy and fiendishly skanktastick!!. Volume 2 does exactly what it says on the tin showcasing TTB’s finest producers new and old to deliver a product full of bangers not even the most critical keyboard warrior could give bad press. The tagline no deadweight springs to mind when you look at the front to back fire track listing made up of the Ten Ton beats most battle hardened soldiers.
All of dnb’s sub categories are represented on this various artist 12 track LP, Jump up, Liquid, Neuro, what I have decided to call down tempo filth……there is even a nod to the old skool with Kangaroo bass by dnb veteran Uniques. Ten Ton Beats is now 40 releases in and continues to move forward with unstoppable momentum. It is true to say TTB is now established and will continue to strive to find new talent to enable the drum and bass scene to grow.Bangers Only Volume 2 is a well thought out well executed 12 pack of delights, we at TTB HQ hope you will enjoy is as much as we have constructing it.
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