Hybrid Minds - Mountains (Remixed) 2014 [LP]

Style: Drum and Bass
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 23/05/2014
Label: Hybrid Music
Cat: SPEAR057

• Hybrid Minds/Linguistics/Charlie P — Ascent (A.M.C Remix) 5:10
• Hybrid Minds/Grimm — Meant to Be (Insideinfo Remix) 5:18
• Hybrid Minds/Bcee — Take It Away (Saxxon Remix) 4:53
• Hybrid Minds/Jasmine Spence — Mountains (Dexcell Remix) 5:25
• Hybrid Minds/Mimi Page — Starlet (Phil Tangent Remix) 5:40
• Hybrid Minds — Music Talks (Nymfo Remix) 5:36
• Hybrid Minds/Ad-Apt/Charlie P — Broken (Bcee Remix) 4:26
• Hybrid Minds/Philippa Hanna — Forest (Total Science Remix) 5:31
• Hybrid Minds/Rocky Nti — Trauma (Lenzman Remix) 4:58
• Hybrid Minds/Tempza/Laurence Baker — Drama (Neonlight Remix) 5:03
• Hybrid Minds/Grimm — Halcyon (DLR Remix) 5:36
• Hybrid Minds/Holly Drummond — New Orleans (Bcee Remix) 5:16
• Hybrid Minds/Jasmine Spence/Grimm — Unfold (DBridge Remix) 5:40
• Hybrid Minds/Ad-Apt/Mike Romeo — Prophecy (Teddy Killerz Remix) 4:16
• Hybrid Minds/Jasmine Spence — Mountains (Jakwob Remix) 4:12


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Hybrid Minds have drafted in a whole heap of their favourite producers to re-work their debut album ‘Mountains’. Since landing straight in at No.4 in the iTunes electronic music charts on its release week, this production duo have been turning heads, not just as producers, but as expertly skilled DJs with the ability to destroy any dancefloor. While they may be known for d&b on the more musical side of the spectrum, make no mistake, Hybrid Minds know how to, in the words of DJ Hype, ‘rinse it out proper’. This collection of remixes is designed with just that in mind. While all the remixers have been busy working on the Hybrid Minds tracks, the boys are currently putting the finishing touches to new material which will be released early 2015. In the meantime, there is more than enough in this package to keep the fans happy.
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