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genre House, Drum & Bass, Disco, Funk, Jazz, Soul
released 6/10/2008
quality mp3/VBRkbps
label BBE
cat BBECD099
type Compilation/2CD

CD1 Ч Mixed by DJ Marky
16 / 1:12:28
Cal Tjader Ч Aquarius 3:32
The Guess Who Ч These Eyes 3:37
Gabor Szabo Ч Little Boat (O Barquinho) (Live 1967) 4:53
Tamba 4 Ч Samba Blim 2:24
Sambalanco Trio Ч Sambinha 2:06
Raphael Saadiq Ч Skyy Can You Feel Me 7:00
The Style Council Ч The Lodgers (Club Mix) 4:18
Diana Brown & Barrie K Sharpe Ч The Masterplan (Extended Version) 7:00
Wood Brass & Steel Ч Funkanova 4:45
Aquarian Dream Ч Look Ahead 2:55
Rufus & Chaka Khan Ч Any Love 3:00
Kingpin Cartel Ч Ghetto 4:57
Needs Ч Forever You 5:21
Skyy Ч Heres To You 5:38
Manix Ч You Held My Hand 3:46
DJ Zinc Ч Casino Royale 7:15

CD 2 Ч Compiled by DJ Marky
16 / 1:13:37
Whodini Ч Its All In Mr Magics Wand 4:36
Ronald Mesquita Ч Balanca Pema 2:44
One Way Ч Sugar Rock 5:56
Jorge Ben & Trio Mocoto Ч Pulo Pulo (Live in Japan 1972) 6:30
Blue Feather Ч Lets Funk Tonight 6:39
Cal Tjader & Eddie Palmieri Ч Modesty (Theme From Modesty Bl 2:28
Candido Ч Thousand Finger Man 7:42
DJ Zinc Ч Casino Royale 7:09
Gabor Szabo Ч Little Boat (O Barqinho) (Live 4:24
Luiz Carlos Vinhas Ч Nem O Mar Sabia 3:26
Manix Ч You Held My Hand 3:35
Os Mutantes Ч Adeus Maria Fulo 3:06
Sambalanco Trio Ч Sambinha 2:13
Skyy Ч Heres To You 5:11
The Guess Who Ч These Eyes 3:43
Tom Scott & The California Dre Ч The Honeysuckle Breeze 4:14


Press Release: World's no. 1 drum n' bass DJ showcases all his influences for the first time, being it Brazilian Jazz, seventies Soul Funk, Disco, 80's two step boogie and through to what he's most known for Drum Сn' Bass...
DJ Marky is regarded as a Drum 'n' Bass innovator and was discovered by English DJ Bryan Gee, who saw Marky playing in a club in São Paulo in 1998. Amazed by DJ Marky's scratch skills, he invited him to play in London. Marky got started in Drum 'n' Bass in 1992, choosing a more hardcore edge, but the small audiences nearly caused him to give up. At the time, he was told that that kind of music was for only a few. In 1997, he went to London and met DJs Hype and Goldie. The meeting with Brian G was definitive for Marky's conquering of England. In 1999, he was awarded "Best New DJ" by the British critics. With the world now being his dj'ing playground, Marky has been praised for his sound articulation abilities, with elaborate mixings that connect one song to the next with amazing accuracy and also for the careful choice and combination of the repertoire which is exactly what shines through so brilliantly here on this album.
As DJ Marky puts it himself: "My influences are from all over the place. I have a mad record collection that has all sorts from old soul and Motown to Broken Beat and Trip Hop; it's all in there! Variety is a spice of Life!"

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