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Style Drum & Bass, Liquid-dnb
Released 7/08/2020
Quality mp3/320 kbps
Label Nu Venture Records
Cat NVR083

Skydata - Sunrise 5:24
Skydata - Awareness 5:39
Skydata - Eranthis 4:31

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Opening the release is the title track Sunrise, which wastes no time in escalating the excitement levels, with an airy sub bass to accompany the intense synth and vocal presence. Solid sounding drums and a bouncy bassline take effect from the drop when the track gets into full flow with the supporting synth lines. Prominent throughout the interlude the synth lines help this one to become a deep and colourful track, with automation and various FX, to create all the grandeur and tranquillity reminiscent of a beautiful sunrise. Skydata - Awareness: Spacious cloud like pads commence from the intro of this song before a silky reese bass kicks in moments before the high energy drums begin. As the track progresses we see the unexpected use of soothing flute tones, whilst welcoming a crisp synth lick before the break. The interlude provides a contrasting twist with a minimalistic approach and kick stabs as Skydata reverts to atmospheric type for the second half of this deep and relaxing track. [C] Skydata - Eranthis: Eranthis opens with alluring pads and atmospheric risers as all the individual elements progressively begin to emerge before the first drop. Including the delicate highs of the drums and a funky synth to take the track in an unexpected direction. Skydata incorporates his own personal field recordings and unique automations, alongside an enticing vocal sample and catchy bassline, to complete this feel good Liquid Drum & Bass track and diverse first time individual artist EP.

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