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Style Drum & Bass, Halftime, Deep-Dnb, Experimental
Date 7/08/2020
Quality mp3:320 kbps
Label Paradise Lost Recordings
Cat PL047

• Akano — Shades of Grey 6:26
• Akano — Surrounding the Depths 7:46
• Akano — Surrounding the Depths (Bruno Sanchez Remix) 6:01
• Akano — Black Ops 5:17
• Akano — Pseudo Identity 4:39
• Akano — Contract 4:22

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Niels Kling has worked with Paradise Lost and our hibernating sister label Tsunami Audio for a decade as Rakoon. As his sound has evolved, he felt a name change was in order. While Niels has been concentrating on a more neuro sound with his collaboration project Parasite, he hasn't left us behind. So behold Akano emerging from his chrysalis on the Shades of Grey EP. Fans of Rakoon will, of course, still enjoy his techy sound with an emphasis on the breaks, at least for Paradise Lost releases! We serve up six tracks here, and as usual for us lately we don't want to go through the useless process of trying to write what it sounds like. Just listen. You'll find clean production which is also dirty. You'll find technical breaks with halftime elements alongside an entirely ambient piece, Surrounding the Depths. This release finds Niels in his element, sitting between different colors of drum and bass, providing satisfaction to those from all spectrums of the genre. The only guest appearance on the EP is Bruno Sanchez's 'Sea of Chaos' remix of Surrounding the Depths, through which you can almost feel the waves of chaos lapping up against the simple raft that is our consciousness, as we try to navigate our current reality in near total darkness.
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