Style Drum and Bass, Jump up
Date 10/08/2020
Quality mp3:320 kbps
Label South Central
Cat SCRUK006

Coming to the table with their potent blend of modern drum & bass sounds and ragga vocal vibes are South Central Recordings, who have roped in a slew of acts to remix K Jah's singles 'SoundBwoy Weaponry' and 'Have Some Fun'. The first, from Crossy, features Natty D and Daddy G, whose vocal overlays sound extra menacing above the bed of fluctuating bassline textures that Crossy has constructed, their joint talents coming together to make a moody club banger. The flip is in a similar style and also features bad boy vocals, this time Crossy opting for a number of breaks-based interludes that spice things up drum wise and make the roll outs that more tantalising. Excellent effort.

K Jah - SoundBwoy Weaponry Ft Daddy G + Natty D (Crossy Remix) 5:14
K Jah - Have Some Fun Ft Megatron (Jinx Remix) 5:38


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