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Style Drum and Bass, Deep-DNB, Microfunk
Quality MP3 320 kbps
Date 21/07/2020
Label Microfunk Music

• Abstract Elements - Throb 6:04
• Akuratyde, Kharm - Enamoured 5:40
• Bop - In My Dreams 6:10
• Dissident - Bathyscaphe 5:25
• Elsewhere - Procession 5:25
• Hybris - Make My Drink 5:56
• Jason oS - Hidden State 6:09
• Oak - Airwalk 4:07
• Oak - The Bay 4:59
• Synkro - Time 4:24
10 / 54:19


The third edition of Microfunk Music’s coveted ‘Lost Dubs’ series is finally here. Featuring 10 rhythmic glitch patterns from the Russian labels usual suspects, you can expect compositions from Synkro, Oak, Hybris, Akuratyde, Dissident, Kharm, Jason oS and of course label boss Bop. The record will be available on all digital and streaming platforms after a week-long exclusive on Bandcamp and will be pressed to a limited run of 100 cassette tapes, which will not last long. With distinguished artwork courtesy of none other than the infamous Trickartt, this is truly a collectors item and not to be missed.

Many things slip through the sands of time, but thankfully these beautiful songs will know no such fate. The introductory ‘Time’ from Manchester's Synkro is laden with a hopeful sadness, as melancholic sonics reverberate beautifully from start to finish. You could be forgiven for thinking this may set the tone for the LP to come, but what follows is a compendium of beautifully crafted musical delights, as varied in character and constitution as the seasons themselves.

A frequent partner of Bop as both a performer and artist, Oak graces the imprint once more with a deep electro cut ‘The Bay’ and tells a down-tempo tale in ‘Airwalk’, which is available to download upon pre-ordering the full LP. Rampant in it’s sheer textural beauty, the likes of Elsewhere follow suit with an expansive and heart-fluttering take on the 170BPM tempo in the form of ‘Procession’. Things take a techy turn as Jason oS delivers an introspective stepper in his ‘Hidden State’, but not before Akuratyde and Kharm weave their own atmospheric wonder ‘Enamoured’.

Although never fearful of pushing the boundaries or confinements within the D&B universe, Microfunk Music remains true to the genre that inspired it with the likes of Hybris injecting his trademark sonics into a sublimely styled technoid roller. Abstract Elements keep things stepping in a similar vein with ‘Throb’, whilst St. Petersburg's very own Dissident enthralls the listener with their hypnotic addition ‘Bathyscaphe’.
Bop has the honour of bowing out the stunning album with a dub-techno pattern ‘In My Dreams’ that traverses the expansive audible palette that so often engulfs Microfunk Music. Incorporating a myriad of moods, the Lost Dubs compilation further cements Microfunk Music as one of the leading purveyors of electronic excellence.
Brace yourself for a profound journey outside the conventional D&B paradigm.
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