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Music Drum & Bass, Neurofunk
Release 2/02/2015
Quality MP3,320kbps
Label Critical Music

Current Value — Dissonant 5:24
Current Value — Division 32 4:52
Current Value — Whiplash 5:24
Current Value — Phaselock 4:52


Critical's Binary series gets cracking for a fresh new outlook in 2015. Opening the year with Berlin's Current Value, this is four tracks of techno-infused sonic assaults that have been making an impact in every club brave enough to venture this far into the depths of inky-dark drum and bass over the past few months. "Division" in particular has been hitting the scene hard with its relentless percussion and stressed pads. Often 'experimental' is used as a cop-out description, but in this case it's true, and Current Value has been experimenting with just how tweaked he's willing to go.

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