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Style: Jump up, Drum and Bass
Date: 28/08/2020
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Breeze Recs
Cat# BRE009

D-Flex returns to Breeze with style after his recent lockdown free download, and boy are we glad to have him on board with these tunes. Easy hits hard, with a heavy kick matched by an equally powerful bass that thumps you right in the chest, whilst the Golden Age opens with a warbling female vocal that takes you to the dunes of the Middle East before dashing you in the sand with a steppy jungle riddim. Let’s Go is reminiscent of an old-school jump up tune, and Rudeboy is an unadulterated bass-driven warped synth riddim. These tunes show his progression as a producer over the last year, and you can expect more from him on Breeze in the future.

1. D-Flex - The Golden Age 4:28
2. D-Flex - Rudeboy 4:26
3. D-Flex - Let's Go 4:24
4. D-Flex - Easy 4:30

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