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Style: Jungle, Drum and Bass, Ragga-Jungle
Year: 8/01/2021
Quality: 320 kbps, MP3
Label: Audio Overload Jungle Records
Cat: AOJR032

DJ STP is landing on Audio Overload Jungle, the offshoot to the main label, for his first four-tracker in quite a long time, and you can tell him and the label are into their ragga thanks to the signature lacing of funk and reggae influences throughout the whole release. Following in the footsteps of artists like Marky, Deekline and more, STP rolls out a dub-sprinkled piece of music which flips wonderfully, time and time again. 'Greetings' is our personal choice, with a stripped back junglist beat and funky licks floating in and out of the arrangement in satisfying style. Top stuff.

1. Dj STP — Greetings 3:51
2. Dj STP — Vibez We Bring 4:26
3. Dj STP — Buzz Feeling 3:57
4. Dj STP — Ya Yard 4:56

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