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Style: Drum and Bass
Year: 24/08/2018
HQ: MP3 320kbps
Label: Neurofunk Society of Poland
Cat: NfSoP/LP03
Type: Album

"ItТs a great and intelligent production, that takes each drum and bass listener round its different spaces. The best way of listening to this LP is to listen it as a whole thing, but tracks the LP consists of, live their own life too. Quite the contrary Ц the listener, as I mentioned before, wanders along various lands. Starting with deep, atmospheric, illuminated locations and ending with dark, filled with power recesses of evil. It does it calm and slow, to start running with near-orbital speed. I can recommend this LP to everyone Ц from the passionate of all genres of drum and bass to random listeners, who deal with these broken sounds for the first time."

1. AEROMATIC Ч Time 6:35
2. AEROMATIC Ч Entropy 5:48
3. AEROMATIC Ч Fastroad 6:09
4. AEROMATIC Ч Alien Force 5:41
5. AEROMATIC Ч Forms 5:41
6. AEROMATIC Ч Leave the light 5:40
7. AEROMATIC Ч Hammerhead 6:28
8. AEROMATIC Ч Night Ride 7:18
9. AEROMATIC Ч Shelter 5:36
10. AEROMATIC Ч Dark Room 6:01
11. AEROMATIC Ч Synergy 5:34
12. AEROMATIC Ч Different Places 5:23
13. AEROMATIC Ч Hajmos 5:40
14. AEROMATIC Ч Lost in thoughts 5:21

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