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Holland - Nederland

Style: Drum&Bass, Techno, Break-Beat, Jungle
Year: 19/12/2020
HQ: MP3 320kbps
Label: Bare
Cat: BARE001

Mental Movie Theatre hopes to spark within its listeners a personal interpretation, thus having them create a theatre in their minds, triggered sonically. MMT features a number of artists, favorites from not only India but worldwide, such as Three Oscillators,Yung Raj, Ray Monero,Dj Frankie, Etch, and more. The brand’s artwork comes in courtesy of Kushagra Gupta. The compilation is mastered by Deadbeat and thus overall, has a rather blissful, outer worldly and psychedelic vibe while choosing to remain open to interpretation.

1. Three Oscillators — Transcendence 6:40
2. Etch — Lost Angles 6:56
3. DJ Gridlock — Inhale 5:42
4. Oceantied — Mundane 4:50
5. Polo Lilli — Endlessly 5:07
6. Yung.Raj — Blindspot 2:36
7. Chrms — High Speed (Risky edit) 3:46
8. P0TTER — Holy Poker 4:50
9. DJ Frankie & Ray Monero — Super Future Illegal 4:08
10. FILM — Codename Unknown 5:13

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