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Holland, Nederland

Style: Drum and Bass, Jungle, Techno
Year: 9/11/2020
HQ: MP3 320kbps
Label: Lowlife Cartel
Cat: LLC05

• Honealome — Qllc1312 4:49
• Kuzma Palkin;MC Supreme Cam — Fordyzm 3:49
• solotape — Lfj2 4:31
• Hajj — Tru Man Cry 6:01
• Buttechno — Y-X4-Rec 5:56
• 2beast;Hexmane;Ko$te — Purgatory 3:40
6 / 28:42

"Omnia Vanitas - the newest compilation from the emerging France-based label Lowlife Cartel - explores musical horizons from jungle to rap and combines dance music with an experimental approach.
Honealome (ABCD) opens the EP with a catchy saturated beat layered with distorted vocals.
Kuzma Palkin (Gost Zvuk, Wicked Bass), also known as Kausto, features his minimal production with the immersive rap flow of MC Suprem Cam. Solotape (Low Income $quad) ends Side A with a heavily deconstructed experimental sound, oscillating between techno and an analogue lofi vibe.
Side B kicks off with the invention of emo jungle - ""Tru man cry"", by Hajj (Dawn, BFDM), a cutting-edge jungle-leaning track mixed with a detached vocal sample in the background.
""y-x4-rec"", by Buttechno (Rassvet), is a more grounded ambient track with a focus on texture, but without sacrificing the dystopian, singular productions of this artist.
""Purgatory"", by the rapper duo 2Beast featured by Ko$te, on canadian producer Hexmane's beat, closes the EP on a dark Memphis rap vibe. Mastering made by Studio Martyrs.
Once again, the newest compilation represents a solid roster of emerging, genre pushing artists and some of the biggest cats in the game."

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