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Holland, Netherlands

Style: Drum and Bass
Year: 14/04/2019
HQ: MP3 320kbps
Label: Parallel Depth
Cat: PDP001

Parallel Depth proudly presents "Architextures 1", a six track various artist showcasing what you'd expect to listen on futures releases. Deep dnb, dark dnb and techy-dnb exploring the minimal, the powerful, the jungly-d&b.
For this dnb EP we'll have UK based 'N-mon1c' and 'Peron', from Russia with love 'Deleted Sound', and of course we'll have Spanish local newcomers 'C-Mign' and 'Violent Cuts'. Closing this fantasy line-up the label head honchos "Montesco" & "Maok Sevek".

1. C-Mign — Misshapen Mind 5:42
2. Deleted Sound — Drones 3:57
3. Montesco x Maok Sevek — Architechs 4:30
4. N-M0nic — Dissident 4:30
5. Peron — Nature Half Jam 6:19
6. Violent Cuts — Badtrip 4:53

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