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Holland, Nederland

Style: Liquid Drum&Bass
Year: 13/01/2021
HQ: MP3 320kbps
Label: Celsius Recordings UK
Cat: CLS338

Review: Celsius Recordings, what a label. The only criticism you could level at these guys is that they release too much music, because it feels as if every single week there's another EP, or a single or an album. This week it's a VA EP from a whole bunch of acts and they're dropping Heat Runner, an EP with a title track that sticks up to its name; soft, gentle and certainly deft in how an array of fluffy sampling sits above a solid drum line. 'Where I Wanna Go' pushes things up a notch intensity wise, with a new burst of energy coming from that funky sample loop and tight back end, a true bit of liquid funk. Another good bit of A&R from these guys, and great to see some new producers being brought through.

1. Mystific x Jungie — Where I Wanna Go 4:38
2. Messiah — Heat Runner 5:17
3. Astreaux x Invicted — Forgotten Experiences 4:53
4. HEFT — Remembrance 5:53
5. Ritual — Those Days 4:32
6. Laura Crowe x Him — Safe With You (KNGHT Remix) 4:43
7. Hocseat — Mohi 4:47

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