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Style: Drum and Bass
Date: 19/01/2021
HQ: MP3 192 kbps
Rar: 164 Mb All Episodes

Radio 1's Drum & Bass Show with Rene LaVice! Rene has a Rinse Out from Sub Focus & Wilkinson and Murdock in the DNB Mix.

Rene LaVice BBC Radio 1, Murdock!

High Contrast Met Her At A Dance In Leicester (feat. UK Apachi & Ady Suleiman)
Futurebound Dangerous
René LaVice, Richter & Dr. Apollo Ive Been Waiting (feat. Gracie)
DC Breaks Move Closer (Xv Mix) (feat. Belle Humble)
Murdock In Touch (feat. Veela)
Mozey Knock Ya Block Off
DC Breaks Arkanoid
Sub Focus & Wilkinson Freedom (Sub Focus & Wilkinson vs. High Contrast Remix)
Halflight Six Days
DC Breaks Tardigrade (feat. Smooth)
Heist Celestial
Isaac Maya & Painted Skies Jungle Empire
Terraform & Horizon Third Sight
Bladerunner Destination Jungle
Riddim Punks Heavy Sound System (Taxman Instrumental) (feat. Eva Lazarus)
Xtrah Droplets (feat. Genic)
Turno & TomInTheChamber Lights
R88 Lighthouse Connect
R88 Time 4Da Switch
Furniss Sinister
Workforce Maudlin
Bou & Upgrade Creeper (feat. Chimpo)
Koherent Endless Haze
DRS, HMD & Redeyes Cinnamon Roses
Koherent Rave Chatte

Murdock DNB Mix
Murdock Different Way VIP
bare up And You Thought
Murdock Double Dutch (AC13 Remix)
Murdock & VovKING Cant Keep Me Down (VovKING Remix)
Murdock Cant Keep Me Down (D-Nasty Remix)
Murdock Cant Keep Me Down (Bare Up Remix)
Murdock Dollars Arent Cheap
Basstripper Rush
Trei & Tiki & Dub FX Space & Time
Basstripper Battle Axe
Murdock Let It Go (Murdock & Doctrine Remix)
Basstripper Woofer
Alora Without You
Basstripper Laminar Flow
Halflight Take It Low
Used The Art Of Missing You
Murdock Breathe (Alora Remix)
Murdock Alien
Baz & Simplistic Lickle Boy
Murdock Dark Cloud (Enei Remix)
bare up Cant Stop

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