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Download FarfetchD - When in Realm (MUTI293) mp3

Style: Electronic, Glitch, Drum&Bass, Halftime
Release: 12/03/2021
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Muti Music US
Cat# MUTI293

FarfetchD - Gettin It 3:40
FarfetchD - Luxury 4:00
FarfetchD - Blue Dragon 3:36
FarfetchD - Lost Paradiso 4:03


On ‘When In Realm’, FarfetchD stretches our imagination and takes us to some unique spaces, combining Glitchy influences with Drum & Bass and Neuro Funk. The grooves are thick, baselines tough and the funk is real. The EP even rounds itself off with a beautiful tune featuring flute and guitar melodies and riffs over some bass that is well squelchy in all the right places.
FarfetchD is one of the rarest animals in the outdoor party scene. A wild one to catch indeed, Predominantly he has produced a flavor of raunchy and funky glitch hop, but has recently gone to the deeper, dirtier side of bass music. This untamed beast unleashes tight drums, intricate bass and sneaky, sleazy grooves with ridiculously large sounds to build the kind of vibe that awakens the animal within us all. By the end of a set don’t be surprised to be screaming, swinging from branches or throwing banana peels at loved ones. FarfetchD has played at the top festivals in Australia such as Rainbow Serpent, REL, Earth Frequency, Esoteric and many more, He has also spread his wings and travelled afar touring alongside the best in the game Internationally. This rare and unique species is a solid staple to any proper glitch/bass session…. Previously releasing music through the heavyweight glitch labels of the world; Producer Dojo, Simplify Recordings, Delicious Music, Empathy Recordings, Pooty Club Records, Monstra, Adapted records, Digital Whomp, Rough Division, GHC and Junkfood Recordings. The innovative take on bass music that is FarfetchD continues to evolve and fans cannot get enough.
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