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Download Goldie - Timeless (25 Year Anniversary) (Album) (LMS5521366) mp3

Style: Drum and Bass, Jungle, OldSchool-Jungle
Out: 16/4/2021
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: London Recordings
Cat# LMS5521366
Foram: 3xCD

Goldie must have known he had done something special when he made his masterpiece because he gave it the perfect tittle. Timeless is the sort of album that transcends genres, eras and scenes. A quarter of a century after it was first written it still has the same impact that it did back then. The man himself as gone on to become a genuine national treasure with appearances in Eastenders, conducting orchestras, making documentaries for Sky Arts and much more. But it will surely always this record that remains his greatest piece of work.

Goldie's incredible debut album Timeless celebrated its 25th anniversary last autumn, so to celebrate this landmark he's decided to deliver an expanded edition. The original two-disc album, a genuine game-changer that showed the musical potential of the then relatively new musical form of drum & bass, is replicated in full in fully remastered form. Those who are new to the set will be blown away by the 21-minute opener, 'Timeless' (a suite of three tracks including peerless D&B anthem 'Inner City Pressure', as well as other standouts such as weighty jungle workout 'Jah The Seventh Seal' and more soulful numbers 'Angel' and 'You & Me'. Confirmed fans meanwhile will love disc three, where remixes, rarities and unreleased material - mostly from Goldie's personal stash of VIP versions - take centre stage.

CD1 (6 / 59:58)
The Aloof Ч Never Get Out the Boat (The Flying Mix) 21:01
Goldie Ч Saint Angel (25 Year Remaster) 7:14
Goldie Ч State of Mind (25 Year Remaster) 7:06
Goldie Ч This Is a Bad (25 Year Remaster) 6:09
Goldie Ч Sea of Tears (25 Year Remaster) 12:05
Goldie Ч Jah the Seventh Seal (25 Year Remaster) 6:26

CD2 (6 / 45:09)
Goldie Ч A Sense of Rage (Sensual V.I.P. Mix) (25 Year Remaster) 7:07
Goldie Ч Still Life (25 Year Remaster) 10:51
Goldie Ч Angel (25 Year Remaster) 4:58
Goldie Ч Adrift (25 Year Remaster) 8:26
Goldie Ч Kemistry (25 Year Remaster) 6:48
Goldie Ч You & Me (25 Year Remaster) 7:02

CD3 (10 / 1:20:06)
Goldie Ч Timeless (Instrumental) (25 Year Remaster) 21:04
Goldie Ч Kemistry (V.I.P. Mix) (25 Year Remaster) 5:38
Goldie Ч Angel (Grooverider Re-Edit) 6:15
Goldie Ч State of Mind (V.I.P. Mix) (25 Year Remaster) 5:40
Goldie Ч Still Life (V.I.P. Mix) [The Latino Dego in Me] (25 Year Remaster) 5:29
Goldie Ч Saint Darkie 6:09
Goldie Ч Inner City Life (4 Hero's Pt. 2) (Leave the Planet Mix) 7:59
[re:jazz] Ч Inner City Life 6:41
Goldie Ч Sensual (25 Year Remaster) 8:14
Goldie Ч Inner City Life (2020 Remaster) 7:03

flac: turbo
mp3: turbo

Х 25 Year Anniversary Edition of GoldieТs Timeless.
Х Remastered and expanded with rareties and new remixes.
Х Limited edition triple gold vinyl and expanded CD on mirrored board.
Х Goldie's groundbreaking album 'Timeless' turns 25, and to celebrate Clifford Joseph Price Ч the pioneering producer and DJ announces limited edition vinyl and CD remasters of the seminal album.
Х A complex debut album, Timeless founded a new chapter in the history of the electronic genre originally reaching no. 7 in the charts and since been celebrated for its unique blend of sublime strings, beautiful atmospheres and sophisticated vocals. Inarguably an ambitious blueprint at the time; GoldieТs production in 1995 fashioned the edgy rhythms and bass of jungle into a newly futuristic model, now globally admired as drum & bass.
Х The 25 year editions feature rarities and remixes unearthed from GoldieТs personal archive. Remastered with Goldie overseeing the process himself.
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