Muffler -  Stone Cold 2015 (LP)

Style: Drum 'n Bass
Format: CD, FLAC / MP3
Quality: 320 / 1008 kbps
Release date: 30/10/2015
Label: Spearhead Records

• Muffler/Sansa — Can't Breath 4:37
• Muffler/Keeno — Ranua 5:19
• Muffler — Northern Lights 4:21
• Muffler — Mountain Streams 5:20
• Muffler — Cosmos 4:34
• Muffler — Night 4:23
• Muffler — Joy Ride 2:59
• Muffler — Dark Flower 5:25
• Muffler/Sandra Weber — Void 4:09
• Muffler — Stone Cold 4:13
• Muffler/Hannu Väre — Rock 4:16
• Muffler/Hannu Väre — Life 5:48


Turbo | Nitro | Unibt

With well over 100 releases to his name, Finnish DJ Muffler has been a consistent source of rolling D&B soul since the mid-90s. Last spotted in album land with Moodswings on Spearhead seven years ago, he’s returned with another all-bases romp that sits somewhere between the sublimely soulful («Northern Lights», «Ranua», «Cosmos») to the ridiculously funky («Joy Ride» «Stone Cold»). With occasional splatterings of trance and future tech, it’s Muffler at his broadest, boldest and most confident. Essential.
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