Brainpain - The Prophecy [LP] 2016

Style. Drum and bass, Crossbreed, Drumstep
Album date. 03/02/2016
Quality. MP3 | 320/kbps
Label: Otherside Records

1. Brainpain – Berserk (5:07)
2. Brainpain – Fire Inside (5:18)
3. Brainpain – The Flame (5:17)
4. Brainpain – Poison Gas (7:00)
5. Brainpain – First Born (5:24)
6. Brainpain – Trak999 (4:46)
7. Brainpain – Humans (6:46)
8. Brainpain – Legacy (4:48)
9. Brainpain – Bullet Holes (7:30)
10. Brainpain – Claws Of The Horde (5:40)
11. Brainpain – Wolfpack (feat. Vincent) (4:25)
12. Brainpain – Humans (DJ Hidden remix) (5:18)
13. Brainpain & Switch Technique – Everything (5:19)
14. Brainpain & Lucio De Rimanez – Faith (5:29)
15. Brainpain & C-Netik – Alpha & Omega (5:12)
16. Brainpain & Katharsys – Thunderstorm (4:45)
17. Brainpain & Freqax (feat. WeirdoJax) (4:11)
18. Brainpain – The Flame (Cooh remix) (4:56)
19. Brainpain & YMB – Get UP (5:37)
20. Brainpain & Satan – Deliverance (5:24)
21. Brainpain – Wolfpack feat. Vincent (eRRe & Hardlog1k remix) (6:02)
22. Brainpain & W.P.L – Manifesto (5:52)
23. Brainpain & Bratkilla – No Hearts, No Mercy (5:35)


Turbo | Nitro | Unibt

"OTHERCIDE RECORDINGS kick off things in 2016 in brutal style – leading the charge with ‘THE PROPHECY’ LP from Polish producer BRAINPAN. True to its name, this slab of hard-hitting Drum and Bass delivers a megalithic manifesto for the future of industrial strength DnB, wrapped in a refined tech aesthetic. The 23 tracks within have the single intention of moving the dance, with tight percussive experimentations maintaining a strict kinetic edge and an onslaught of brutal bass for caving in eardrums and chest-cavities.
A year and a half in the making, and framed in the Sci-Fi aesthetic of Othercide, illustrated by the visionary artist Kuldar Leement – Brainpan steps out in force here, with the vigor of an artist dedicated to cutting a specific and powerful path.
THE PROPHECY LP is set for release as a double-pack CD – with the album backed by a further collection of collaborations between Brainpan and an incredible array of hard DnB producers including Dj Hidden, Cooh, Katharsys, Freqax, SATAN, Switch Technique and more."
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