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Style Drum and Bass, Electronic, Soundtrack
Released 18/05/2016
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Electronic Arts Music
Type Album

Photek — The Crew 1:35
Photek — Pursuit Low 3:18
Photek — Pursuit Hi 4:44
Photek — Cool Down 1:48
Photek — Heat 2:05
Photek — Underground Legends 3:02
Photek — It's All in the Eyes 1:12
Photek — Wingman 3:07
Photek — Metro 1:20
Photek — DTLA 3:14
Photek — Pursuit Max 4:00
Photek — Smoke & Mirrors 1:35


UK drum and bass legend Rupert Parkes as we all know took a brief hiatus in the early noughties, moving to Los Angeles to produce film scores instead of high-fidelity breakbeat science. But he eventually made a comeback in the last several years. There was of course that well received DJ Kicks mix he did a little while back too. Now he seems to have merged both worlds perfectly by composing the soundtrack to EA games rather popular Need For Speed video game which runs the whole gamut: from suspenseful dark ambient passages ("Pursuit Low"/"It's All In The Eyes"), an unholy mixture of dub techno and electro house that somehow works ("Wingman") to Autonomic style half time explorations of the grey area ("Pursuit Hi") and straight up liquid funk steppers like fierce opener "The Crew" and the closing track "Smoke & Mirrors".
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