Logistics - Electric Sun [LP] 2016

Style: Drum and bass, Liquid Funk
Release date: 25/03/2016
Quality. MP3 | 320kbps (Flac/Lossless)
Label: Hospital
Cat: NHS286DDX

Logistics, Sherry Davis — Cold Light Of Day 5:07
Logistics, Hugh Hardie — Icarus 4:58
Logistics, McLean — Lost In U 4:13
Logistics — Fight 4 U 3:53
Logistics, Stella Attar — Take Me To Another World 4:08
Logistics — Sentimentality 6:04
Logistics — Tell Me True 4:56
Logistics, Sherry Davis — Electric Sun 4:09
Logistics — Deep Breath 4:28
Logistics — Okinawa 5:16
Logistics — After Dark 4:47
Logistics — Highway 1 4:22
Logistics, Holly Drummond — Still Life 4:15
Logistics, Zara Kershaw — Finish Line 4:10


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Turbo | Nitro | Unibt


Few D&B artists have delivered seven albums in 10 years at the high level of creativity as Logistics. Few D&B artists have delivered seven albums full stop. But this is the prolific magic of Matt Gresham, a man whose passion for melody, soul, grit and authenticity are balanced in such a way he consistently smashes it with every construction. Take the rattling jungle amens and choral soaring of "Icarus" or the weighty halfstep and Flume-style vocal trippiness of "Fight 4 U" or the hazy sunrise glimmers of the title track.... Each cut expressing weight, musicality, heaps of space and a range that's at once broad and highly defined. Impressive.
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