Total Science — Notes of Blue [EP] 2016

Style: Drum and bass
Release date: 25/03/2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 64 Mb
Label: Metalheadz

Total Science - Notes of Blue
Total Science - Soul for Sale
Total Science - Contraband
Total Science - All Massive
Total Science - Man Down


One of the most consistent production outfits across D&B's 25 year spectrum, Total Science pay homage to the most crucialist of crucial eras: Blue Note. The lead track takes us right back to the mid '90s with cavernous space and sheet metal scrapping textures. "Soul For Sale" is a jazzier jaunt with spasmodic synth flurries and a two-step so sharp you'll lose your lobes. "Contraband" weaves such strong drum magic you could be convinced you've gone 20 years back in time while "All Massive" is a straight-up heads-down affair. Finally "Man Down" is a straight up Headz homage with all the uncompromised dynamics we know and love from the label. Noteworthy.
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